When I stayed at Mu Jiao Xi Hotel, it was rainy and I felt a little bored. The warm wooden interior of the hotel, coupled with the sincere smile of the staff, suddenly made people feel good. The city center of Jiaoxi in the first-level war zone of the hotel is actually a bit noisy, but the Hanmu Hotel has created a good paradise atmosphere. (► Booking prices and guest reviews:agoda|booking.com)

Basic introduction of Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel

Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel officially opened for business in November 2017, becoming the first self-owned brand under the Humble House Group and the first leisure resort hotel to set foot in downtown Taipei. The entire hotel includes Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel and Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel. The two buildings facing across the road in the pavilion each have independent service counters and parking lots. They adopt a natural and simple design style. The interior space incorporates many natural elements such as wood, rocks and plants, and many authentic works of art are also displayed.

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Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (2)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (3)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (5)

▲ The entrance of the Hanmu Hotel building is opposite the Hanmu Hotel across the road.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (6)

▲ Hanmu Hotel has an independent reception counter and an underground parking lot.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (7)

▲ The minimalist style counter of Hanmu Hotel is next to exhibited artworks.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (8)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (9)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (10)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (11)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (12)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (13)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (14)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (15)

▲ The first floor of the Hanmu Hotel is equipped with a public hot spring named Guangzhitang. The guest rooms of the hotel and Yingxi Pavilion can use it for free.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (16)

▲ Take the elevator on the first floor of Hanmu Hotel, ready to go to the room!

The Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel has 17 floors and a total of 190 rooms, offering 6 types of rooms

MU Jiao Xi Hotel

  • WOOD Superior Room: 39㎡
  • BREEZE Superior Patio Room: 39㎡
  • Yingxi Pavilion (Deluxe Executive Room with Terrace) TWILIGHT Deluxe Patio Room: 49㎡
  • Hanmu Garden (Presidential Suite) MU Presidential Suite: 297㎡

MU Jiao Xi Reserve

  • SPRING Superior Reserve Patio Room: 39㎡
  • Wangyue Pavilion (Deluxe Executive Room with Terrace) HILL Deluxe Reserve Patio Room: 66㎡, 2 people/4 people

Han Mu upholds the natural and artistic elements of the humble house. The room design uses a lot of wood and stone elements, and the name is full of poetry with strong natural elements, but Wendy still has to provide a cheesy translation, so it will be easier for everyone to understand when booking a room!The main hotel is dominated by double/twin rooms, named after natural elements such as wood, wind, light, and water; The "ju" generation is the superior room, the "ge" generation is the executive room, and the "yuan" is the presidential suite. (► Booking prices and guest reviews:agoda|booking.com)

Each room in Hanmu has its own hot spring bath. This time, the room is second only to the four-person family room in the presidential suite. It belongs to the pavilion-class executive suite. You can use the executive VIP room on the second floor of Hanmu Hotel (Rock Color) for free. , Set up outdoor balcony and indoor platform space, day and night can look at the vast Lanyang plain landscape at any time, especially the wide indoor platform, very suitable for children to play in the room, there is ample space in the hallway and clothing room, four adults Checking in together can fully accommodate the sundries, and the room is much more refreshing.

The features of Wangyue Pavilion's double sinks, large dressing table, and independent dressing room, Anya thinks they all match the preference of the female ethnic group, but Wendy feels the most impressive is the sincere smile of the service staff, who just drove into the underground parking lot. At that time, I saw the smiling guidance of the handsome guys, passing by the restaurant with heavy workload, I could also see the refreshing staff, I felt that the hotel had ample manpower and took good care of the needs of the staff. After all, the front-line service staff were in good spirits. In a great mood, the tenants can actually feel it easily.

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Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (17)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (18)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (19)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (20)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (21)

▲Simmons brand is used for all mattresses in the whole hall.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (22)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (23)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (24)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (25)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (26)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (27)

▲ An indoor platform space suitable for parent-child fun, and the view outside the window is also quite vast.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (28)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (29)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (30)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (31)

▲ The quadruple room provides a total of 8 bottles of mineral water, and there is also a capsule coffee machine.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (32)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (33)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (34)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (35)

▲ Simple soft drinks are provided, all free of charge.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (36)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (37)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (38)

▲ The round table is placed with Yilan local specialty dim sum and the introduction of the four seasons attractions, and there is a bottle of smelling pot next to it.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (39)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (40)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (41)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (42)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (43)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (44)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (45)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (46)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (47)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (48)

▲ Separate toilet space, equipped with exclusive wash basin and TOTO high-end toilet.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (49)

▲ The bathroom provides double sinks and exclusive dressing table, which is very in line with women's preferences.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (50)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (51)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (52)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (53)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (54)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (55)

▲ Provide bath shampoo and konjac sponge for babies and toddlers, which are quite texture and cute.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (56)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (57)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (58)

Leisure space and facilities of Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel

On the first floor of Hanmu Hotel, there is a reception counter, MU BAR saloon and Le Weiyang children’s recreation area. MU BAR is equipped with a variety of darts, football tables, golf and other entertainment facilities. It also cooperates with Yilan King Car Company to launch Hanmu limited alcoholic beverages. , Is a leisure and entertainment space for adults, and Le Weiyang is a paradise for children. It provides PS4 racing simulators, Switch somatosensory games and KTV boxes that older children love, as well as a game area for infants and young children, popular children’s electric cars and The runway is also readily available.

The leisure and entertainment facilities on the first floor make people happy, and the MU Club on the sixth floor makes people feel that there is not enough time!The outdoor space is equipped with a four-season heated swimming pool, to make up for the shortcomings of bringing a small Hamburger to Jiaoxi in early November, but not having to play in the swimming pool. The swimming pool is planned for a shallow children’s paddling pool, and there is a small water next to the pool. Waterfalls and waterslides, and there is even a round warm water swimming pool shaped like a whale next to it.

The warm water design that can also play in the water in autumn and winter makes Little Hamburg ecstatic, but when you leave the pool, you will still feel the cold. It is recommended to prepare towels beforehand to keep warm.In addition, there are three hot spring pools with different temperatures next to the heated swimming pool, and simple SPA massage water column facilities are set up. It also caters to the needs of Grandma Little Burger. There is a gym and gift center next to the entrance service counter, which sells many exquisite gifts. The specialty products are actually quite good for shopping, so take a look.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (59)


Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (60)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (61)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (62)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (63)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (64)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (65)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (66)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (67)

▲ PS4 racing simulator, there are several young elder brothers and eldest sister staff will be there to assist.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (68)

▲ Switch Nintendo Mario and somatosensory games.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (69)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (70)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (71)

▲ The artificial green turf has a delicate touch, and children will run more comfortably.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (72)

▲ The children's playroom uses floor-to-ceiling windows to combine indoor and outdoor spaces. The warmth of wood matches the green atmosphere.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (73)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (74)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (75)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (76)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (77)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (78)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (79)

▲ The most popular children's electric car, the time limit is 5 minutes per person.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (80)

▲ We can have fun in the morning when no one is here!

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (81)

▲ After Le Weiyang played all over the amusement facilities on the first floor, hurry up and head to the Hanmu Hall on the sixth floor.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (82)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (83)

▲ The gift center of the Hanmu Club has the function of a rest space, and the dressing room is on the left rear.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (84)

▲ In the gift shop of Hanmu Club, guests can enjoy a 9% discount, and the counter staff first recommend Yilan Golden Date Nougat.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (85)

▲ The fitness center of Hanmu Hall on the sixth floor provides treadmills, bicycles and weight training equipment.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (86)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (87)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (88)

▲ If you forget to prepare a swimsuit, you can also buy it at the front of the service counter.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (89)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (90)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (91)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (92)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (93)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (94)

The dining space and experience of Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel

On the second floor of Hanmu Hotel, there is an executive VIP room named VARVE Yancai, which is designed with a rocky texture. It provides two types of executive rooms, Yingxi Pavilion and Wangyue Pavilion, for free use, and Happy Hour time From 2:14 to 00:17, the snack bar provides a variety of desserts, biscuits, jerky, fruits, soft and alcoholic beverages. After 00:17, the saloon provides coffee and tea, and board games can be rented for free. You must pay for the use of non-Ge-style executive rooms.

The MU TABLE restaurant on the second floor of the Hanmu Hotel provides all-day dining services. I drove to the Jilin Garlic Chicken Restaurant at Yilan Station on the night of check-in. I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the evening buffet. When I went for breakfast the next day, I just saw basic Western-style meals. I was a little disappointed at first, but then I saw all kinds of Chinese exquisite meals, which made me feel quite satisfied. Then the whole area of ​​all kinds of drinks, fruits, desserts and ice creams, the little hamburger grandma said that she didn’t know how to choose, she could only Said that Han Mu is really good at pleasing women and children.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (95)

▲ The social room on the second floor of the Hanmu Hotel provides coffee and tea, which can be used by all hotel guests, but the snack bar is only available for free in the executive rooms.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (96)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (97)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (98)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (99)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (100)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (101)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (102)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (103)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (104)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (105)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (106)

▲All kinds of board games rented for free are very suitable for socializing in the executive VIP room.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (107)

▲ The all-day MU Table restaurant is located on the second floor of the Hanmu Hotel building.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (108)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (109)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (110)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (111)

▲ The elevated design of the baby seat makes the children and their parents look at the same height. Wendy thinks it is a great design.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (112)

▲ Basic Western-style meals are provided for breakfast, but Chinese-style meals are dazzling!

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (113)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (114)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (115)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (116)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (117)

▲ Provide on-site noodle soup and egg meals, as well as a variety of Chinese breakfast options.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (118)

▲ The desserts, pastries and ice creams in the whole area and cabinets are very popular with children and women.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (122)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (123)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (124)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (125)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (126)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (127)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (119)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (120)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (121)

▲ The equally spectacular juices and soft drinks are totally unsuitable for people with choice barriers.

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (128)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (129)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (130)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (131)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (132)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (133)

Traffic information and surroundings of Hanmu Hotel Jiaoxi

Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel is located on Hot Spring Road in front of Jiaoxi Railway Station. You can reach it by walking 350 meters straight ahead from the exit of the train station. Both buildings of Hanmu Hotel and Hanmu Hotel have free parking lots and automatic license plates. With the identification system, you can first go to the underground parking lot and park, then take the elevator to check in and register the car number.In addition, Hanmu Hotel provides a chargeable shuttle bus to and from Taipei, which must be reserved one day before check-in. There is also a free shuttle bus to and from Jiaoxi Railway Station and the transfer station.

Hanmu Hotel is located in the center of Jiaoxi City, within walking distance from Jiaoxi Railway Station, Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park and Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, two public hot springs, but Hanmu’s high-quality hot spring facilities can fully satisfy guests. Instead, you can take a walk to visit the nearby snack food and specialty shops. If you want to go to the surrounding attractions, driving is the most convenient way. The hotel service counter also provides a homemade map of the attractions, which can be obtained for free for reference.

MU Jiao Xi Hotel

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (134)

Mu Jiao Xi Hotel (4)

The brand story of Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel

Under the management of Humble House Catering & Travel Management Consulting CompanySheraton Grand Taipei Hotel(2002),Le Meridien Taipei(2010),Hanmu Hotel Jiaoxi Yilan(2017) The three locations, the Sheraton and the Humble House Le Méridien are both the introduction of the five-star brand of Marriott Hotels Group, and the Jiaoxi Hanmu is the first leisure resort hotel with its own brand.In addition, the Humble House International Hotel Company, which was reinvested by Humble House Catering & Travel, ownsHumble House Taipei Hotel(2013), the four hotels have Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai and other multi-national cuisine restaurants and bakeries independently operated by Humble House.

Humble House Group

Conclusion: A natural and simple atmosphere with both service quality and art

Jiaoxi Hanmu Hotel has a strong artistic and natural atmosphere everywhere, and guests can fully experience it without studying art. The elegant interior decoration, rich leisure facilities, and the exquisite design of guest rooms and dining are all able to hit the children and female groups. Heart, but the calm and kind service attitude of the staff is what makes people most sure.

Hanmu Hotel Jiaoxi. Mu Jiao Xi Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Address: No. 1, Jiankang Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
  • Phone: +886 3 905 8077
  • Official website: http://www.muhotels.com/

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