🈸Agoda booking teaching: use the preferential price guarantee to get discounts or A gold rewards

When booking a hotel, many people will use price comparison websites to find the lowest price. The orders may be scattered on various booking websites, and they have to spend time registering as members and managing them. This does not save money and time, and it is difficult to accumulate membership points. The booking method of iTraveler.com Yes, they are all thereagodaBook a room on the platform, useBest Price GuaranteeThe guaranteed minimum price provided by the policy, the order management is easy and the points are accumulated quickly, and there is no need to worry about the inability to cancel the order for free.

Operation process of preferential price guarantee

How to use the Best Price Guarantee?

When using the preferential price guarantee provided by agoda, you must provide other reservation website information when applying. The following is a brief introduction to the process of the operation steps.

Hotel Reservation Guide -

Operating time:






Required tools:

Internet computer

prepare materials:

Screenshot of reservation screen
email account

Steps to apply for a discounted price take care

Hotel Reservation Guide -

Step XNUMX: Confirm the price

Use price comparison websites, Google Maps and other websites to find the lowest price, and make sure it is based on comparison of the same date, room type, etc.

Hotel Reservation Guide -

Step XNUMX: Data Screenshot

Screenshots of other reservation website information, including important information such as website address, date, room type, price and promotion type, and can provide up to three screenshots.

Hotel Reservation Guide -

Step XNUMX: Fill out the form

Fill in the online customer service application form, provide basic information such as email, order number, problem summary and content, and upload booking information from other booking websites.

Hotel Reservation Guide -

Step XNUMX: Reply to the letter

Go to the email address you filled in when you applied to receive it to know the progress of the customer service's response. Usually, you will receive a reply letter from the customer service within 48 hours.

Hotel Reservation Guide -

Step XNUMX: Confirm Compensation

Record the member account to confirm whether the order will get the reduced price difference, or the amount of A gold reward.

Precautions for the Best Price Guarantee

When taking advantage of agoda's discounted price guarantee, we must remind you of the following precautions:

  • The official decision to provide compensation for the price difference may provide the same price, or remit the price difference to the A gold card in the account.
  • When applying for the Best Rate Guarantee, price comparison and application can be made at any time, but the application must be made the night before check-in at the latest.
  • The preferential price guarantee does not apply, including: third-party customer feedback programs, package itineraries, promotions, other preferential prices, etc.
  • On the same comparison criteria, including the same date, room type, number of people limit, currency, order change regulations, preferential benefits, including taxes and surcharges, etc.

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