🏨Hualien Hotel Tour|Yanbo Flower Time Hualien Hotel: Youth Hostel Concept Self-service Hotel

The Moment Hotel Hualien by Lakeshore started its trial operation on December 2021, 12, and officially opened on January 11, 2022. It is a brand new brand under the Yanbo International Tourism Group.Yanbo Hualien Taroko Qinhai PavilionIt is also one of the members of Yanbo Hualien Taroko Hotel Park. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|


Lakeshore Hotel Hualien Taroko

🏨Hualien Hotel Tour|Yanbo Hualien Taroko: Yanbo International's 7th stronghold

Lakeshore Hotel Hualien Taroko (Lakeshore Hotel Hualien Taroko) is the seventh base of Lakeshore International Tourism Group and the second Lakeshore brand hotel in Hualien. It is located in Xincheng Township, Hualien, known as the hometown of mambo fish. It has a natural landscape with mountains and seas. It is also the entrance of Taroko Scenic Area. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|


Hualien Hotel

㊙️2023 Hualien Hotel Reservation Guide: 20 newly opened hotels and homestay recommendations

In April, taking advantage of the cool weather, I was driving to Huadong, Taiwan for a trip. Before my trip, I was curious about what’s new in the Hualien Hotel, which has not been visited for many years. B&Bs continue to flourish, and there are many large-scale resorts to choose from. The choices are quite diversified, for everyone to refer to when booking.


Le Méridien Hualien Jessie

🏨Hualien Hotel Tour|Le Meridien Hualien: A New Landmark on Zhongzheng Road

Le Méridien Hualien Resort in Hualien was purchased by the family of Wang Rensheng, the "King of Henan", to bid for the parking lot of Dongyang Plaza owned by the Hualien County Government, and established Qingpeng (stock) company to invest and build, and introduced the Le Méridien hotel brand under the Marriott Hotel Group. It has become the second base of the Le Méridien brand in Taiwan, and the first hotel to adopt the resort type. The official website of Marriott currently indicates that the reservation will be officially opened on July 2022, 7. However, there have been many delay records in the past, and everyone has to wait patiently. .


🏨Hualien Hotel Tour|Qixingtan Water Moon Seaview Resort Hotel

Hotel Moon Qixingtan will start trial operation from January 2022, 1. It adopts the retro French romantic design style and castle shape of the European court. It is located in the Qixingtan Coast Scenic Area next to Hualien Airport, from the hotel It is a short walk to the gravel beach and next to the Four Eighth Heights Lookout.


Hualien Homestay Tour|W House: Hand-brewed coffee texture homestay in front of Hualien Station

The W House B&B officially opened in January 2021. Combined with the B&B of the hand-brewed boutique coffee shop, the B&B is divided into adjacent Halls 1 and 500. Hall XNUMX is the fifth-floor elevator building built in Quanxin, and Hall XNUMX is refurbished. The three-storey building is located in the center of Hualien City, XNUMX meters away from Hualien Railway Station, facing the Hualien City Farmers' Association Supermarket.