Chiang Mai

🏨Chiang Mai Hotel Tour|G Nimman Hotel: Pure white minimalist style and beautiful patio swimming pool

Designing the world-renowned Apple store, if you open a boutique hotel, what might it look like?It is probably what the newly opened G Nimman Chiang Mai will look like in 2022. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|


Melia Chiang Mai

🏨Chiang Mai Hotel Tour|Meliá Chiang Mai: The highest five-star hotel in Chiang Mai

Opening in January 2020Melia Koh Samui(Meliá Koh Samui) is the first base of the Meliá Hotel brand in Thailand. Meliá Chiang Mai has become the second base. After the impact of the new crown epidemic, the Meliá Hotel will finally officially open in early 2022. I believe many People can't wait to fly to Chiang Mai to support them! (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|


🏨Chiang Mai Hotel Tour|Glory Wabi Sabi Hotel: Pure Natural Boutique Design Hotel

Glory Wabi Sabi Chiang Mai officially opened in January 2022. It is an independently operated affordable boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, featuring natural no-decoration and Japanese minimalist style. Inside, you can walk 1 meters to the White Elephant Gate and the famous Feng Fei Fei Pig Feet Rice.

🏨Chiang Mai Hotel Tour|Buri Ratana Hotel: Minimalist style hotel in the ancient city of Chiang Mai

Burirattana Hotel officially opened in May 2022. It is a small boutique hotel independently operated in Chiang Mai. It adopts the Lanna architectural style combined with modern minimalist design. It is located in the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The road in front of the hotel is just The main road for the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market is adjacent to the Pan Tao Temple, which is famous for its Loy Krathong Festival. From the hotel, you can walk 5 meters to Tha Pae Gate.


🏨 Chiang Mai Hotel Tour|Malay Rendezvous Hotel: Mae Bin Riverside Boutique Design Hotel

Maladee Rendezvous Hotel Chiang Mai officially opened in April 2022. It is an independent boutique hotel brand with a new colonial-style building. There are Chai Meng Khun Temple andPinnacle Hotel,Narilan HotelIt is a 500-meter walk from the hotel to reach the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.


㊙️2023 Chiang Mai Hotel Reservation Guide: 20 newly opened star hotels recommended

Chiang Mai originally opened a direct flight to Taipei. After the impact of the new crown epidemic, we look forward to returning to the grand situation before the epidemic as soon as possible, so that everyone can more easily visit the ancient city of Chiang Mai, which has the reputation of rose in northern Thailand. Here we summarize and introduce the remarkable Chiang Mai. The five-star hotel and design hotel, leave it to the future to plan your trip to Chiang Mai.