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Palau four days and three nights itinerary: the island owner enjoys the marine ecology and photographs unmanned aerial scene

Palau (or Palau) is located in the Western Pacific Ocean, close to the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Guam. It contains beautiful and rich marine ecology. It is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, and it attaches great importance to environmental protection. The clean and deep sea and sky colors have brought many visitors from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. I am very fortunate to be able to take the Taiwan and Silk Travel Bubble One Train to participate in the four-day KKDay itinerary. This is a compilation of the experience and precautions of the delegation. We can prepare for the long-lost trip!Check the tour fee and departure time


Palau Royal Resort (95)

㊙️2023 Palau Hotel Reservation Lazy Package: 10 Star Hotel Accommodation Recommendations

Palau is a Pacific island country that attaches great importance to ecological conservation. The development of star-rated hotels has undergone numerous ecological and sustainable tests, leaving few star-rated hotels to choose from. They are gathered in the main urban areas of Palau, along the main road from Corot International Airport. You can reach the restaurants, and the rest of the islands maintain a good original ecological environment, leaving the pure land for those who love the ocean to explore.

Palau Royal Resort (1)

Palau Royal Hotel: Exclusive beautiful artificial beach and private exclusive pier

Participate in the Taiwan-Palau Tourism Bubble in April 2021, come to Palau, which has stunning ocean views, immerse yourself in comfortable snorkeling activities, and meet the Palau Grand Master Hotel from Taiwan, which is quite familiar to you. I can’t expect to return to Taiwan to immediately usher in a months-long epidemic alert. I can only say that when I have the opportunity to go abroad, don’t hesitate anymore. (► Reservation price and guest reviews)


Shark City (1)

Palau Shark City: Dancing with sharks for the first time, witnessing the beauty of marine ecology

Among the Palau snorkeling spots, there is a shark gathering shoal called Shark City. The professional guide will arrange the itinerary according to the weather and sea conditions. First go to the nearby Shark Island to have a rest for lunch, and then go up. When diving into the shark family, we can clearly see the swimming figure on the boat. The two children are very amazing to see the sharks up close. It is recommended to visit with parents and children, you will like it! (► Check the tour fee and departure time)


Blue Coral Reef (1)

Blue Coral Reef: An independent wonderland left in the world, this is called an infinity pool

The Blue Coral Reef, as its name suggests, is mostly bred with blue staghorn corals on the bottom of the sea. A piece of blue water is deep and shallow, and the calm sea is endless. The whole person is floating in the clear water, even if you don’t snorkel to watch the ecology I can also feel the charm of this sea area. I have to admire that Palau cherishes marine resources and shows the determination to value and protect it in order to develop tourism. (► Check the tour fee and departure time)


Palau Milky Way (1)

Palau Milk Lake: Anniversary is not enough to see, it is enough to send it to the submarine volcanic mud SPA

Palau Milky Way (Milky Way) is one of the special attractions of Palau's snorkeling itinerary. You can experience the natural submarine volcanic mud body, and you will never cut corners. If these 10 kilograms of top raw materials are replaced by Ocean X Na Cabinet For sale, non-millions of shining hands can’t go out, so everyone laughed on the boat and said that the thick body SPA has earned tens of thousands, which is very good value! (► Check the tour fee and departure time)


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