Hyatt Select Ipsos Hsinchu: Trendy Accommodation and Restaurant by the Interchange

I first encountered the Indigo brand under IHG at the Hotel Indigo on Wireless Road in Bangkok, and was deeply impressed by the colorful design combined with local culture. Choose to stay at Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park and experience how Indigo interprets Hsinchu cultural elements. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com)


Hsinchu Hukou Hospitality Cultural and Creative Park: Free Admission to Hakka Culture and Agricultural Products Promotion Center

Visit to TaoyuanBayberryFairy Flower FestivalAfter the sea of ​​lavender flowers, drive by the way to the Hakka Cultural and Creative Park in Hukou, Hsinchu. The free parking and ticket-free Hakka culture promotion and local agricultural products exhibition and sales can be said to be a good shopping, delicious and fun free shopping. Tourist attractions, the environment is well maintained, continue to go to the neighborhood in the eveningLandscape cafe on the hillDining and admiring the night view is very fulfilling in just one afternoon!


Café on the hill: Enjoy the sunset and take pictures, also suitable for parent-child outdoor activities

There are many coffee shops of this type on Hukouhu New Road in Hsinchu. Among them, the time-honored "View Cafe on the Hill" has been dominating for a long time. In addition to more than 4,000 Google reviews, the appearance of the Mediterranean-style building is quite conspicuous, even my mother's generation. Everyone knows this place. When the weather is good, the family travels to have a meal. How about the environment and meals?


Hsinchu Old Food Ginger Duck (1)

Old food ginger duck: 30-year-old local store in Hsinchu, all handmade fresh fried food tonic

Hsinchu old food ginger duck is located on the food road in the city. It is famous for its freshly fried ginger soup base. The number of seats is not too much, but it can be seen that many old customers bought it and took it away. When we first came to Hsinchu to play, My sister highly recommends this restaurant. After having eaten it a few times, I feel that the service is enthusiastic, the hot pot soup and the ingredients are delicious. It is cold and cold, and it is one of the best ways to resist the cold in winter.


Hsinchu Municipal Zoo: Containing abandoned animals to let children understand the importance of coexistence

Hsinchu Zoo reopened in 2019. Near the Hsinchu Holiday Flower Market, Confucian Temple, Gymnasium, etc., the park occupies a small area but attracts many parents to take their children around, because the purpose of its establishment is different from other parks. , I hope to focus on sheltering, abandoned and over-bred animals, and then shuttle the stories of some animals in the past, as a place of rich life education, the next generation of children can also cherish life more.