🏨Tainan Hotel Tour|Sen Travel: Tainan Anping Green Concept Design Hotel

Mori Hotel will start trial operation on August 2022, 8. It is a design hotel that combines green nature and slow life and leisure. It is located in Anping District, Tainan. From the hotel, you can walk 10 meters to Anping Old Street and Anping Tree House. and other attractions.


You Ai Street Hotel: a design style hotel with romantic ancient capital feelings in Tainan

from TainanFormosa YachtingAfter checking out, I stayed at UIJ Hotel & Hostel. What I admired at this time was not the leisurely and relaxing vast waterscape, but the humanistic style full of life and vitality. I didn’t expect that the little hamburger also likes the style of this kind of light luxury hotel. It seems that in the future, I will have to experience it everywhere, and cultivate the temperament of a backpacker since I was a child.


Formosa Yacht Hotel: An invincible landscape swimming pool hotel in Anping, Tainan

Formosa Yacht Resort is located next to the water bridge in Anping District, near the Anping Historical Water Park. This time, I brought a small hamburger to stay, soaked in the landscape swimming pool and ordered drinks all afternoon, enjoying the view from day to day. The beautiful sunset view and the abundant spa facilities by the pool are also not boring. The local breakfast with local characteristics and rich styles is also satisfying. Although many facilities and services have not yet been in place during the trial operation, it is also full of people. Looking forward to staying again in the future.


2020 Tinan New Hotels

㊙️2023 Tainan Hotel Reservation Guide: 20 Newly Opened Hotels and B&Bs

In Tainan City, where Taiwan’s ancient political center is located, although there are not many star-rated resort hotels, there are many boutique B&Bs with new and modern designs in old houses. It can be said that there are counties and cities that appeal for natural attractions such as Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, and Kenting. In addition, Taiwan is the only metropolitan area with the most prosperous development of homestays. After visiting historic sites and tasting snacks in Tainan, it is also a very good travel experience to look for distinctive homestays.


🏨Tainan Hotel Tour|Xi Rong Xuan Hotel: An urban resort with the spirit of a century-old banyan tree

Tainan Grand Banyan Hotel started trial operation on July 2022, 7. It is an independent hotel brand invested and built by Hongjing Construction. The name comes from the century-old banyan tree preserved in the hotel base. The location is in front of Tainan Railway Station, 15 meters walk from the hotel to the railway station.


Tainan B&B Tour|Tainan Frog Home: B&B with Fresh Style and Nostalgic Elements

Tainan Frog Home (I'M HERE) opened for business on January 2022, 1. It adopts Japanese-style fresh texture and European-style elegant single chairs, with nostalgic tiles and stone-plastic floors. It has 19 spacious rooms for 6-2 people. , providing cost-effective homestay options, the location is located next to the Yanshui River embankment at the junction of the North District and Anping District of Tainan City, 6 kilometers away from Anping Old Street.