❇️Yilan Hotel Recommendation|Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch: The first row of mountain scenery and high-altitude bar

Orient Luxury Hotel Jiaoxi comes from Chiayi Jianan Group. It has the first row of Jiaoxi mountain view and the landscape features of high-altitude bars. It provides Western-style and Japanese-style rooms, and each room has an independent private soup room with balcony. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com|HotelsCombined)

Basic introduction of Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch will open for trial operation on May 2023, 5, becoming the successor of Canaan GroupChiayi Canan Fenghua HotelThe second hotel base is a brand new building with three floors underground and nine floors above the ground. It adopts a pure white grille design to prevent the sun from the west and light and shadow effects. It has the first row of views of Jiaoxi Mountain.

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Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Room Choices at Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi

  • Muqiu Pavilion Japanese-style twin room: 40㎡, 2 Japanese-style small beds, 2 people
  • Sanchen Pavilion Superior Double Room: 40㎡, 1 big bed, 2 people
  • Fengyongju Deluxe Double Room: 47㎡, 1 king-size bed, 2 people
  • Huachiju executive double room: 99㎡, 1 king-size bed, 2 people
  • Chenyanyuan Deluxe Family Room: 63㎡, 2 king-size beds, 4 people
  • Xiangwanyuan Executive Family Room: 65㎡, 2 king-size beds, 4 people
  • Wangyuyuan Japanese-style family room: 123㎡, 2 Japanese-style double beds, 4 people

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch is a 9-story brand-new building, providing 64 large-space guest rooms, Japanese-style rooms with tatami floors, and family rooms with two double beds. All room types have semi-open-air private rooms. The soup house is equipped with Simmons mattresses, BOSE audio, TOTO bathroom equipment, and Xiaomeixi smart speakers.

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi has a landscape location facing the first row of Jiaoxi mountains and forests. Each room has an independent balcony space, and the mountain view rooms have an excellent view of the green mountain scenery. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com|HotelsCombined)

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

The public facilities of Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi

The first floor of Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi is the reception hall and service counter, with the Blue Lagoon Bar of the Icelandic Blue Lagoon Hot Spring Concept, and an outdoor swimming pool and outdoor hot spring area.In addition, a Japanese-style hall is set up in the hotel to serve buffet-style breakfast, and the Lao Maruya EX extreme pot food under the Canaan Group is also introduced to provide guests with dinner here.

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch continues the high-altitude bar features of Chiayi Jianan Fenghua Hotel, and specially builds the Toki Toki Bar high-altitude bar on the top floor, which will be put into operation in July 2023.In addition, a paid pet room and a self-service laundry room are specially set up on the second basement floor to provide tenants with pets and self-service laundry services.

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Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

The traffic environment of Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Branch is located on Gongyuan Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan. It has the first row of landscape facing the Jiaoxi mountains and forests. It is 150 meters walk from the hotel to Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park, and 1 kilometer from Jiaoxi Railway Station. There is a free underground parking lot in the museum, equipped with charging piles for electric vehicles.

Jiaoxi Attractions Map

▲ Jiaoxi is located near the exit of the Snow Mountain Tunnel, surrounded by natural landscapes such as hiking trails and waterfalls. (source:Jiaoxi Township Office)

The brand story of Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi

Canaan Group established Taiyi Foods in Yunlin in 1999. After the establishment of Canaan Foods in 2002, it formally established the group in 2004. Its business scope covers three major areas: food processing, hotel management, and construction. It owns Fenghua Hotel and Fenghua Hotel. Two lodging brands. In 2007, they launched the first Fenghua Resort Hotel in Huwei, Yunlin. In 2016, they launched the Canaan Fenghua Hotel in Chiayi.

Canaan Group’s hotels are all their own land and building assets, and they have a competitive advantage in the face of severe turbulence in the hotel market. After training in Yunlin and Chiayi, follow-up plans to launch Jiaoxi Fenghua Hot Spring Hotel, Kenting Fenghua Club, Miaoli Tai’an Fenghua Hot Spring The hotels each plan different market positioning based on local tourism characteristics, but they are all challenging first-class battlefields in the hospitality industry.

Brand identity logo of Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Pavilion

Fenghua Resort Hotel Jiaoxi Pavilion. Orient Luxury Hotel Jiao Xi

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • parity:HotelsCombined
  • Phone: +886 3 9887600
  • Official website: https://jiaoxi.orientluxuryhotel.com.tw/
  • Address: No. 100, Lane 28, Gongyuan Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County

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