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💯TOP 10 Nantou Sun Moon Lake Homestay

With the development of local creation and cultural creativity, many specialty cafes and cultural and creative products have emerged in Sun Moon Lake Nantou. Many homestays have been renovated since 2016, providing a fresh and exquisite homestay environment, especially Shuishe Wharf and Date Shao Wharf gathers the most characteristic homestays and is worthy of being listed as an affordable accommodation option for a small trip to Sun Moon Lake.


💯TOP 10 Nantou Sun Moon Lake Hotel: 10 best rated hotels recommended

Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area, which has undergone multiple tests by Chinese tourists, the new crown epidemic, and the lake drought, will regain its beautiful waterfront scenery after the water shortage crisis is lifted in mid-2021. The new viewing platform of the Shuiwatou Trail is opened, and the latest is coming soon. The opening of the Sun Moon Lake of Chengyi Cultural Tourism Lake also makes people look forward to the return of the grand tour of Sun Moon Lake.


🏨Nantou Hotel Tour|Sun Moon Lake Hongbin Hotel: The first row of the lake view at Shuishe Pier

Apollo Resort Hotel Sun Moon Lake will be in trial operation from January 2022, 1. Hongbin Leisure Resort Hotel has been re-opened after a new renovation, and the guest rooms have changed from traditional hotel style to Japanese Zen style design , reinterpreting the original arc-shaped balcony landscape, the hotel's main entrance is located on the Shuishe Shopping Street, and the Shuishe Pier can be reached by walking 31 meters from the back door.


Nantou B&B Tour|Shanjiushi x Shaoguang Yuchi Branch: Simple and Cool Style Hotel

Shanjiushi x Shaoguang B&B started trial operation on December 2021, 12, and Jishuishe Wharf is well-received.Shaoguang 188Later, after refurbishment, Fanzhalan Resort and Leisure B&B launched a second base in the name of Shaoguang. It adopts a more simple and pure design style. The B&B is located near Sanyu Christian College in the center of Yuchi Township, about 4.5 miles from Sun Moon Lake. kilometer.


Nantou B&B Tour | Watching the sun and tasting the moon: Ita Thao commercial district Qingshui style hotel

Meet Sun Moon Lake Resort (Meet Sun Moon Lake) officially opened on October 2020, 10. It is the first Qingshuimo B&B building in the Itathao business district of Sun Moon Lake. It is located next to the Sun Moon Lake Ring Road.Gaba Mumu Homestay.