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TOP 10 Busan Star Hotels: The 10 Best Reviews in Nampo-dong

Busan, South Korea, has the same positioning as Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Busan Port/Busan Station has become one of the origins and transportation cores of Busan City. Nampo-dong, which is close to Busan Station, gathers markets, restaurants, shopping malls, pop culture, and Dragon Head Mountain. Well-known attractions such as, Busan Tower can be said to be the must-visit places for many tourists. Just like the relationship between Myeongdong and Seoul Station, Ximending and Taipei Station, it has become the preferred accommodation area for many tourists who like to go shopping.



TOP 10 Busan Star Hotels: 10 Best Places to Stay in Seomyeon

In 2018, when I went to Busan for cherry blossom viewing, I would stay in a well-known or newly opened hotel at Busan Station, Haeundae, Seomyeon, and Sasang. If you consider the convenience of the itinerary and transportation arrangements, Seomyeon business district It can be said to be the best place, suitable for people who don’t like to change restaurants frequently. When staying here, you can go shopping in the business district on all sides, and it is very convenient to go to the main attractions in Busan.


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TOP 10 Busan Star Hotels: The 10 Best Hotels and Accommodations in Haeundae

When traveling to Busan, whether it’s cherry blossom viewing in spring or water splashing in summer, I believe that Haeundae gu will be the priority of accommodation. Haeundae gu, with its beautiful coastal views and many gourmet restaurants, can be said to have the highest density of hotels in Busan. In the area, whether you are walking around by Busan subway or taking the airport bus to and from the airport, it is a very convenient choice.


Haeundae Dalmaji Road (0)

Haeundae Yingyue Road, Hyesong Bridge: Walk under the cherry trees or climb the pavilion to enjoy the sea view

Haeundae, Busan has a food market, a clean beach by the sea, and a spring-viewing forest road "Dalming Moon Road". Walk to the end and connect to Hyesong Bridge. The whole road is full of cherry blossoms and you can see the sea from a distance. The weather is good. Few people travel, even new people come to take wedding photos, which shows the beauty and popularity of the scenery.


Daejeo Ecological Park (1)

Daezhu Ecological Park: After the cherry blossom season in Busan, enjoy the endless rape field

Daejeo Ecological Park is located in Gangseo District of Busan, the largest rapeseed planting area in Korea. It is beautiful in spring cherry blossom season and bright yellow. It is one of the popular attractions in the Korean tourism community. This article will traffic The information and travel experience are sorted out and recommended to travel fans for reference. When opening outbound tours in the future, you may wish to arrange a five to six-day tour of cherry blossom viewing in Korea, and bring your family or friends to experience different cherry blossom viewing charms. It is definitely worth the return price.