Stuttgart City Library, Germany: Visit Milan Shopping Mall

Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany. It is adjacent to Frankfurt to the north and Munich to the southeast. It is also famous for its depot museum, several imperial palaces and national theaters. It is suitable for arranging a one to two-day tour. At the Porsche Museum, in the evening, you will come to the Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart and the opposite shopping mall, a full and rich day.


Porsche Museum: Stuttgart witnesses the glorious racing history

Arranging a free tour in Germany, how can we not visit the rich collection of Mercedes-Benz Motors Museum? After seeing the Mercedes-Benz Museum, how can we not stop by the Porsche Museum to have a look. We took a high-speed train 200 kilometers south from Frankfurt to Stuttgart. Visited two car museums with different styles in succession. Fortunately, both of them are located in the urban area with convenient transportation. The whole day itinerary is a rich car museum itinerary.


German Benz Museum: Stuttgart's rich collection of must-visit intellectual attractions

This time planning a self-guided trip to Germany, the Mercedes-Benz Museum is the only itinerary designated by my friends. I searched some blogs and articles on the Internet to get a rough idea of ​​the facilities and introduction of the museum. But when I actually visited in person, I discovered that the collection is far more abundant. As far as I can imagine, regardless of whether it is a car owner or not, the Mercedes Museum will definitely make friends of all ages like it!