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Porsche Museum: Stuttgart witnesses the glorious racing history

Arranging a free tour in Germany, how can we not visit the rich collection of Mercedes-Benz Automobile Museum? After seeing the Mercedes-Benz Museum, how can we not stop by the Porsche Museum to have a look. We took a high-speed train 200 kilometers south from Frankfurt to Stuttgart. Visited two car museums with different styles in succession. Fortunately...

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Stuttgart - Stuttgart AttractionsStuttgart

German Benz Museum: Stuttgart's rich collection of must-visit intellectual attractions

Stuttgart Attractions" Mercedes-Benz Museum (Mercedes-Benz Museum) is the only itinerary specified by my friends. I searched some blogs and articles on the Internet. I knew the facilities and introduction of the museum. But when I actually visited, I found that the collection is richer than I thought. , Regardless of whether it is a car-loving family or not, the Benz Museum will definitely make friends of all sizes like it!

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