"Love Travel" is a blog jointly run by Anya and Wendy


Thailand is the starting point of the trip for two people to fall in love and Japan is a milestone in their travel. Going to the world is the ultimate goal of the two in a lifetime. They are willing to share travel information and experience together on the blog.

On September 2020, 9, Ailuzhi Co., Ltd. was established to engage in various businesses such as online shopping, community marketing, special reports, and product comparisons.


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Girls who explore the world curiously with a camera, regard travel as the basic elements of life as water, sunlight and air, and like to blog and share what they see and hear during their travels.He was once a YAHOO! Qimo Traveler, and was nominated as the best leisure travel blog of the global Chinese blog in 2011, and served as the lecturer of tourism lectures at the 2013 Shilin International Cultural Festival.Now he operates a Thai club with 1 members, and writes a column of travel lovers who are up to date.

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He is recognized as an otaku with a background in electrical engineering and engineering. He considers himself a literary and artistic youth who is familiar with economics and communication. His left brain is an industry analyst who loves electronic products, and his right brain is a travel blogger who loves movies.I love to feel the drama like life in the cinema, enjoy experiencing life like a movie on the journey, and like to experience tourist attractions from a historical perspective.Now it operates a movie channel with 1 subscribers, and writes tourist attraction introductions, itinerary planning and hotel information about Love Travel.

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Cooperation project

2011: Tourism Authority of Thailand.Thailand North Thailand Chiang Mai Bangkok Thread Group
2012: Tourism Authority of Thailand.Threading group in Phuket and Surat Thani, southern Thailand
2012: Japan Tourism Agency.Interviews on Tokyo, Kinugawa, and Nikko Lines
2013: 2013 Shilin International Cultural Festival as a lecturer
2015: Tigerair Taiwan.Ride Experience Cooperation in Chiang Mai, Thailand
2015: Japan Tourism Agency. Visit Japan Kyushu Travel Guide eBook
2015: Tigerair Taiwan.Riding experience cooperation in Tokyo, Japan
2015: Xiongshixin Lecture Hall.Thailand Songkran Tourism Sharing Seminarlecturer
2015: Gansu Provincial Tourism Bureau.Dunhuang Trip-Interview on Silk Journey Stepping on the Line
2015: Japan Tourism Agency.Interview on Toyama, Gifu, Nagano Tour
2015: Tigerair Taiwan.Riding Experience Cooperation in Bangkok, Thailand
2015: Xiongshixin Media.Longtime columnist for a trip
2016: Tourism Authority of Thailand.Open a new travel agency.Nok Bird Airlines.Thai Youth Green Exploring the Thread Group
2016: Philippine Tourism Bureau.AirAsia: Bohol, Manila, the media slams the thread group

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  • 2008.05.08 — The old Pikerbang station opened
  • 2013.02.22 — million people arrived
  • 2013.09.15 — WP new site opened
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  • 2015.01.06 — 500 million arrivals
  • 2015.05.29 — 600 million arrivals
  • 2015.08.01 — 700 million arrivals
  • 2015.12.29 — 800 million arrivals
  • 2016.07.25 — 1,000 million arrivals
  • 2020.09.07 — Established Ailuzhi Co., Ltd.
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