🚘Japan self-driving guide|MapCode: Tutorial on image query and essential APP recommendation

MapCode (Japanese: マップコード) is a unique map data system in Japan. By continuously subdividing the map to indicate the detailed location information of the place, it is composed of 9-10 numbers. This is also a self-driving car in Japan. When traveling with satellite navigation equipment, in addition to the phone number, enter the easiest location navigation information.

➡️Basic knowledge about self-driving travel in Japan: MapCode Japanese geographic information system

Anyone who wants to travel by car to Japan must rely on satellite navigation tools if they are not familiar with the place of their lives. If you want to get along well with the car’s navigator, you must first get to know MapCode (マップコード). Item tools.

Generally speaking, when using a car's satellite navigation machine, the easiest way to enter the destination is to directly enter the phone number.If you are going to places like restaurants, of course, there is no problem, but you will choose places to go by car, which are often in the suburbs, and the phone number is not readily available. At this time, you need to choose the option to enter MapCode.

In Japan, the target of self-driving travel is usually based on Hokkaido, especially in the areas of Biei and Furano, where public transportation is relatively scarce, and the choice of bus package travel is also quite limited. Self-driving is usually the best transportation. solution.At this time, everyone wants to drive to scenic spots such as XX Woods or OO Hills, but there is no way to enter a phone number, and you have to rely on MapCode.

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📂Quick understanding: basic introduction to MapCode geographical information system

MapCode is a geographic information system developed by Tenso, Japan. The standard version is composed of 10 numbers, and the high-resolution version is composed of 12 numbers. The design principle of MapCode is quite simple. In fact, the map of Japan is continuously cut and subdivided into smaller and smaller squares, and then each small square is represented by a number. The principle is similar to the postal code.



In principle, if you are not going to Japan to be a pirate king or digging for treasures, but just looking for locations of tourist attractions, you can use the standard 10-digit number.It should be noted that not every scenic spot will have a complete 10-digit number. Depending on the region, the first four digits may be omitted into 0~3 digits, so the MapCode may be 6~10 digits.

MapCode official website:http://www.e-mapcode.com/

MapCode 4

▲MapCode consists of three groups of numbers: area number, block number, and unit number. Later, the high-resolution S core number was further developed.

MapCode 1

MapCode 2

➡️Query tutorial: three-step tutorial on Mapion map service query

Generally speaking, the built-in information of navigation machines in Japan is quite rich. Just enter the phone number to find the location and navigate. However, if you are planning to go to the natural scenic spots in the suburbs, if you don’t have a phone number, MapCode will send you this time. When it comes to use.

People who plan to travel by car to Japan often have to collect phone numbers and MapCode on the Internet first, or collect various DM promotional materials marked with MapCode in the local area. If this method is a bit confusing and unruly, here is a solemn introduction to Japan The query method provided by the Mapion map website allows you to query the navigation information you need.

Next, let’s explain step by step and introduce how to check the phone number and MapCode on the Japanese Mapion map website!

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MapCode 3

Step1. Enter keywords on the homepage to search

connectedmapionOn the official website, the search function is provided at the top of the homepage. Use the general "normal search" function, enter the keywords of the place you want to find, and click "search" to search.

Mapion official website:https://www.mapion.co.jp/

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Step2. Click on the most suitable search result

The search results will show a list of keywords that match the keywords. Under the title of each search result, properties such as sightseeing spots, traffic signs, snack restaurants, etc. will be indicated, which can be used to identify whether it is the correct search target.

Mapion MapCode 2

Step3. Check basic information and click on the map

After you have selected and clicked an entry in the search result, you can see the basic information of the place, such as the introduction, telephone number, and address, and the MapCode information will also be listed on it.Then you can also click "Di図" to jump to view the map information.

Mapion MapCode 3

Mapion MapCode 4

Supplement (1): Map confirmation and quick query

After jumping to the map page, the "green arrow" will point out the location of the query location on the map, and also display the basic information of the location, as well as various advanced search and share record functions.After holding down the left mouse button on the map, you can move the map, move the "red cross" on the map to the position of the green arrow, and then press the right button to query the required MapCode data at any location.

Click "Local URL" to pop up a window to display the website address of the place you are looking for, and you can query the website record URL and MapCode of the place. A string of numbers at the bottom of the window is the MapCode data, which can be copied and recorded directly.

Mapion MapCode 5

Mapion MapCode 6

Supplementary note (2): The most convenient way to use telephone inquiries

Japanese navigation machines can be entered by phone or MapCode. Generally speaking, you only need to find the phone number of the location planned for the itinerary.However, if it is a suburban or outdoor scenic spot that does not have telephone information, such as Hokkaido's ╳╳noki and other places, the Mapion website will still have detailed information, so you have to click on the "confirmation" function to further inquire MapCode information.

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👍Special recommendation: A website for quick query of MapCode information

Many thanks to netizens for reporting on faster website resources. This website combines Google map data and Japan MapCode location information. As long as it is listed in the Google Maps location, you can more easily query MapCode, and if it is very clear that the destination is on the map You can simply click on the map to find the MapCode information. The keyword information query may be weaker than the Mapion map website, but it is very suitable for people who know the map because the operation is simpler.

Query website:https://japanmapcode.com/

httpjapanmapcode.com 1

▲ Enter the web address in the browser, and enter the keyword in the upper left corner, you can use Google image data to query.

httpjapanmapcode.com 2

▲ After clicking on the queried target location, the MapCode of the destination will appear below, which is convenient and fast.

httpjapanmapcode.com 3

▲ Under the destination information, you can click ☆star. When you log in to your Google account, the location will be added to your favorites.

httpjapanmapcode.com 4

▲ Use the mouse to directly click on the map, and you can also query the MapCode immediately. The operation is very simple!

🎞️Additional screening at the same scene: MapCode navigation mobile application

Mapion and japanmapcode.com are suitable for pre-planning itineraries. When you use a computer to quickly inquire, you can plan your itinerary by the way.However, in the self-driving itinerary, if there is a need to query MapCode temporarily, in addition to the direct use of the car navigation machine, you can also use the mobile phone necessary for modern people to download the appropriate APP software in advance, and you can query at any time.

Next, let’s introduce 4 essential mobile apps that can be used to query MapCode for your reference.

NaviBridge APP

The NaviBridge APP is also produced by Denso. It was originally called NaviCon. It provides a complete traditional Chinese interface and instructions. It can be linked with Google Map and the physical navigation machine. After directly querying the data on the Google Map APP, you can directly send the destination data to NaviBridge and To obtain MapCode data, if the mobile phone and the navigator have established a Bluetooth connection, it can be directly transferred to the navigator by NaviBridge, which is very convenient.

NaviBridge(NaviCon) APP download page:App Store|Google Play

MapCode APP 4


Denso Denso's own application program can directly click on the map to query, and directly display the address and latitude and longitude. After clicking the query MapCode, it can be further linked to NaviBridge (NaviCon) and directly send the MapCode to the car navigation machine. It is also provided Lots of travel information.

Drive! NIPPON APP download page:App Store|Google Play

MapCode APP 2

Mapion APP

The APP produced by the Mapion map service website is rich in map content and provides complete navigation functions. However, it only has a Japanese interface and must have a Japanese account to download.

Mapion APP download page:App Store|Google Play

MapCode APP 1

MapCode+ APP

Personally developed MapCode quick query software, you can quickly query directly by clicking on the map, and there is also a favorite function, the function is simple and fast, but there will be advertisements at the bottom of the user interface.

MapCode+ APP download page:App Store|Google Play

MapCode APP 3

▶️Video introduction: Unboxing video of MapCode navigation

✅Preparation before self-driving in Japan

For those who decide to travel by car in Japan, when planning the itinerary beforehand, it is recommended to list the scenic spots that they plan to visit first, and use various MapCode related websites to check the MapCode of each scenic spot, and then they can follow the table to teach.If you don’t have any queries before you leave, you can only find local tourist guide materials on the spot. Sometimes the MapCode of the scenic spots will be listed, otherwise you will just pull the map on the navigation device and slowly locate it!

After everyone understands the basic principles and knowledge of MapCode, when planning a self-driving tour itinerary, learn how to use the Mapion map website to obtain MapCode navigation information, which can easily create the navigation information needed for planning a self-driving itinerary.


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