❇️Recommended B&Bs in Kaohsiung|婩陈·stay: A Japanese-style simple-texture B&B reborn in an old house in Yancheng

Yan Chen Inn is a Japanese-style B&B located in Yancheng District. The hotel uses a large number of wooden floors, furniture and decorations to regenerate the old house into a simple and bright B&B. It is close to the 228 Peace Memorial Park and Kaohsiung International Convention Center. (🔎Reservation price and guest reviews:agoda|booking.com)

📂Basic introduction to Xiaochen·Su

Shiochen·Su will open for business in May 2023, and Bosi Restaurant and Hotel will continue toPerth·Little Donkey House(2020), the second B&B launched is also reborn from an old house in Yancheng District. The beige old house building built after World War II incorporates European classical architectural elements. After new renovation, it transformed into a Japanese simple style texture. Homestay.

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🛏️Room type selection at Xiaochen·Su

  • Standard double room: 23㎡, 1 double bed, 2 people
  • Standard quadruple room: 30㎡, 2 double beds, 4 people

The hotel is a newly renovated 3-story building with 2 double and quadruple rooms on the 3nd and 8rd floors. Only 2 rooms have no windows to the outside. The guest rooms use wooden floors and are decorated with a large number of wooden lamps, door panels, tea sets and other decorations to create a simple and comfortable Japanese-style space.

The guest rooms at Shiochen Inn are equipped with independent air-conditioning facilities. The bathrooms are designed with dry and wet separation. The floors are replaced with wooden tiles. The wooden floor design of the bed area is also continued. There is a semi-open shower area, but there is no independent bathtub. (🔎Reservation price and guest reviews:agoda|booking.com)






🍽️Breakfast and public facilities at Xiaochen Hotel

The first floor of Shiochen Hotel is equipped with a simple-textured reception counter and rest space. The counter service hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. Access control magnetic buckles will be provided when checking in, and a dedicated telephone line will be provided for contact when necessary. In addition, there is an area for free supplies such as toothbrushes, earplugs, and dental floss picks next to the counter. There is no box-type elevator in the museum.

The first floor of Shiochen B&B is a high-lighting space designed with large floor-to-ceiling windows. There are shoe racks in the stairwell on the first floor. It adopts a Japanese-style hotel design that allows guests to take off their shoes before going upstairs. The guest room floors on the 2nd and 3rd floors are all made of wood. Floor design, each floor is equipped with shared water dispenser and double-layer refrigerator.

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🚖Transportation information and surrounding environment of Xiaochen·Su

Xiaochen·Su is located in Yancheng District, where there are many B&B options. Next to the B&B is the newly renovated hotel in 2020.Empress Hotel, you can walk 350 meters from the B&B to Exit 2 of Yanchengpu Station on the Orange Line of the Kaohsiung MRT. There are McDonald's, Tsann Kuen 3C and OK convenience supermarkets next to the entrance. The most convenient parking lot from the B&B is at The Yancheng three-dimensional and underground parking lots in the 24 Peace Memorial Park are operated XNUMX hours a day by Yuting Parking, and the charges are very low.

Opposite the hotel is the Taizai Market on Yancheng Old Street, and the 7-11 convenience store is within a 100-meter walk. The homestay is close to landmarks such as the Kaohsiung International Convention Center, the Municipal Museum of History, and the XNUMX Peace Memorial Park. A laid-back atmosphere right next to the banks of the Love River. In addition, there are many time-honored local snacks around the B&B, and you can explore many affordable delicacies within walking distance.

Where to stay in Kaohsiung-

▲ Yancheng District is located between Aihe and Kaohsiung Port. It has landmarks such as Pier 2 Special Zone, Xiziwan, and Shoushan Zoo. (source:Kaohsiung City Government Tourism Bureau)

🏨Xiaochen·Su’s brand story

Posi Hospitality Management Consulting Company was founded in September 2020. It is engaged in the operation of hotels and B&Bs in Yancheng District, Kaohsiung. It is currently operatingXuan·Bosi Travel,Posi·Little Donkey House,Morning and nightThere are three accommodations, the former is a hotel and the latter two are B&Bs.

Shiochen Hotel is an old house built after World War II. It was originally the service base of Muai Life Association. The old house combines European classical elements and has a Japanese bank-style architectural appearance. It has been newly renovated into a Japanese-style bed and breakfast. .

Shiochen·Su brand identity logo

▶️Shiochen·Su’s unboxing video


Yan Chen Inn

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