❇️Kaohsiung Hotel Recommendation|Chengyi Hotel: The starting point of the five-star brand of Chengyi Cultural Tourism

The Asia New Bay Area where Chengyi Hotel is located is connected to the Second Special Economic Zone in the north and Dream Times Shopping Center in the south. It gathers many landmark buildings such as the Municipal Library Main Library, Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall, Kaohsiung Software Technology Park, and Building 85. It has become a show The hot spot of the charm of the port city of Kaohsiung. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com|HotelsCombined)

Basic introduction of Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Kaohsiung City Hotel (TAi Urban Resort) is expected to start trial operation on August 2022, 8, becoming the first base of the brand new brand under the TAi Cultural Tourism Group. The Kaohsiung Municipal Library is jointly built by the Kaohsiung City Government and Taiwan Life Insurance. The museum co-constructs the Convention, Exhibition, Cultural and Creative Hall, focusing on the positioning of the cultural living room in the New Bay Area of ​​Asia. BOT entrusts the operation and management of Chengyi Hotel, which has become the first demonstration project of the general library combined with the five-star hotel by the Taiwanese local government.

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Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Room Choices at Chengyi Hotel Kaohsiung

  • Classic Double Room: 49㎡, 1 king bed
  • Classic Japanese-style double room: 49㎡, 2 double beds
  • Classic Japanese-style quadruple room: 49㎡, 2 middle beds
  • Deluxe Quadruple Room: 56㎡, 2 middle beds
  • Superior Double Suite: 86㎡, 1 king bed
  • Superior Quadruple Suite: 86㎡, 2 middle beds

Chengyi Hotel provides 208 rooms and suites in 6 room types. The rooms are equipped with Xiaomeixi smart speakers. All the free minibars are equipped with Nespresso capsule coffee machines. The bathrooms provide tea seed hall accessories, Dyson hair dryers and INNOCI toilets. .

Each room has the advantage of a large floor-to-ceiling window and a large space starting from 49 square meters. The ample space allows each room to use an independent compartment bathroom with dry and wet separation, and each room is equipped with an independent bathtub. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com|HotelsCombined)

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Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

The public facilities of Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Chengyi Hotel is located on the top floors from the 9th floor to the 27th floor of the guild hall in the second phase of the general plan in Kaohsiung. The floor below the 8th floor is planned to be the office floor of the enterprise innovation park. The hall building has an air corridor connecting the main hall of the general plan, and the first floor is equipped with a book-wall-style reception. In the lobby and public area, there is Chengfeng Jade Bird jointly operated by Jade Bird Bookstore and VERSE, showing the accommodation style of Kaohsiung's humanities and urban reading ability.

Chengyi Hotel is equipped with 5 theme restaurants, 3 landscape bars, banquet halls, high-altitude gym, Cheng SPA spa, wine library and other facilities. In particular, a 24-meter-long transparent infinity swimming pool is planned on the 50th floor. RAR BAR Sky Bar and You Ming You Ding Restaurant, as well as BAR KAO Sky Bar with 360-degree panoramic view, can all overlook the harbour and sunset landscape of Sizihwan.

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Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

The Brand Story of Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel

In 2011, Chengyi Cultural and Tourism Group opened its first base, Chiayi Business Hotel. It builds hotels according to local cultural characteristics and creates a cultural and creative design hotel brand with one hotel and one characteristic. It owns Chengyi Hotel, Chengyi Cultural Tourism, and Chengyi Light. Travel, Zhongqing Travel and other hotel brands, respectively, mainly focus on five-star luxury, cultural and creative design, and backpack inn.

Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel has become the first base of Chengyi Hotel's new brand. With the theme of urban resorts, Chengyi Cultural Tourism plans to recreate the "Tan" brand in the future, focusing on the high-end resort villa market. Renyitan (2023) will set up new bases in the two places, and the Chengyi Cultural Tourism brand will also plan bases in Tainan, Yilan, Xiaoliuqiu and other places.

Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel Identification Sign

Unboxing video of Kaohsiung Cheng Yi Hotel

Chengyi Hotel. TAi Urban Resort

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