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Unboxing the Fujifilm X-T5 Fuji SLR camera, quickly sharing real shots and upgrade differences

The Fujifilm X-T5 will officially go on sale in early December 2022. After the epidemic caused a reduction in production capacity, there are no cameras or lenses to buy. This time, I didn’t read any prior reviews. It is the highest level of Fujifilm believers to order directly. I will unbox it first. , specifications, and the experience of the first week of use will be shared with you, and the real photos will be updated one after another when you return to Taiwan next month. It is really worth your upgrade.


Camera Evaluation|Fujifilm X-T2: Fujifilm SLR Camera Unpacking and Real Shooting Experience

The Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Monocular Fujifilm X-T18 is here!Before leaving for the XNUMX-day trip to Germany, I saw Blackface announced his latest camera review article "Fujifilm X-T2 unboxing + real shot"There are many photos of portraits, landscapes and portraits in the article. I like the hair color. I checked the camera’s specifications, weight, and price. It was decided that it would replace the backup camera on the way, even if Wendy goes abroad. In the interview, this machine is lighter in weight and has a fairly accurate white balance. When I come back, I can deal with photos more easily!


Camera Reviews|Panasonic Lumix GF7: A leap forward in its lightweight and beautiful appearance

The Panasonic Girlfriend series was launched. The light and easy to carry and large-aperture lens made many friends highly recommend. This time the grand debut Panasonic Lumix GF7 Girlfriend No. 7 has a retro and beautiful appearance to attract attention. At that time, my friend was going to take his son to France for a one-month trip. , I hope I can get a camera that is easy to carry and records the photos of the children and the two. Panasonic Lumix GF7 is one of my recommendations. She also decided to buy this one after consideration. Apart from anything else, I immediately rushed to the store to buy it that night. . (► Check group purchase information and price)


HTC RE Mini Camcorder: Unpacking, Hands-on Touring Chiang Mai Travel Sharing

When traveling, I began to hope that we could have a portable portable camera that allows us to take photos while recording each journey. It is perfect to be able to go up to the mountain and the sea. When I got this tube of HTC RE mini camcorder, I accompany it to Chiang Mai thoroughly. , I am very curious whether this 3C portable machine with a special shape of the water pipe can really be a little helper for my travels?This article takes the HTC RE mini camcorder to test the swimming pool water, restaurant interior, night market situation, and will continue to update the shooting themes for your reference!Let's go!

"Camera Review" travel portable Samsung NX3000, equipped with 2030 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor and inverted screen, lightweight debut

The camera plays an important role in the travel process, but sometimes I just want to carry a lightweight single eye for a day. After many models are launched this year, I am highly interested in this Samsung NX3000 equipped with APS-C sensor. The screen is closer to my travel needs and I want to take a selfie with two people. I immediately took over this evaluation task, hoping to share with you in a simple but focused way!


"Camera Review" PENTAX flagship model K-3, drip-proof and dust-proof all-weather function, 2400 million pixels without low-pass filter design, high-speed continuous shooting 8.5fps, challenging the highest specifications


If I want to participate in a summer celebration, I have prepared everything with me to record every moment of laughter. Under the wait of big and small buckets, water guns, and foam, I have to bring a drip-proof and dust-proof single-lens camera.PENTAX K3The powerful specifications have won my favor. When it was launched at the end of 2013, it could be the highest specification among the APS-C models, including 2400 million pixels without low-pass filter, support for dual card, wireless WiFi card, Full HD video and high-speed continuous shooting, etc.Follow us to see PEXTAX K3 specifications, unpacking and real shots!