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Tokyo Disneyland: Newcomers to Tokyo Disneyland and the 40th Anniversary Collection!

Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo Disneyland) celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. A series of limited merchandise, exclusive interviews with fans, celebrity reports, etc., combined with the tourist crowds after the epidemic has subsided, have made Tokyo Disneyland’s business booming. Therefore, this article collects frequently asked questions and In addition to information, share your experience of entering the park and what you bought for the 40th anniversary, and finally take it together with the Disneyland Hotel Guide! (hand in hand)


Doraemon Mirai Department Store is a good buy, with joint branded products and USJ facilities

Doraemon Future Department Store (Doraemon Future Department Store / ドラえもん未来デパート) was selected to open in Odaiba, Tokyo in 2019. After three years of being unable to go abroad, it also waited until the little burger grew up to understand "Doraemon" and watch theatrical movies , so this article sorts out the relevant information in 2023, and bring your children to realize their dreams and meet each other! (make a fist)


Risu Cafe: Japanese-style decoration is a frequent visitor to magazines, famous for its bakery and coffee brunch

Risu Cafe is located in the southeast of downtown Bangkok. It uses "りす (squirrel)" as the transliterated name of the store. The store is made of all-white buildings with wood grain and some household items with squirrel marks. There are not many, just wait for a while and there will be empty views. However, it has recently been on the list of Bangkok's top 50 coffee shops. Fortunately, I tasted its food and coffee before, and the aftertaste is endless! (far eye)


Taipei 101: 2023 High-altitude Observation Deck ticket price comparison, experience sharing reminder

Taipei 101 (Taipei 101) has been the world's tallest building for several years and has gained popularity. The annual New Year's Eve fireworks and Taiwan's famous landmarks have attracted many tourists to pilgrimage. Taking advantage of the small Hamburg's high interest in skyscrapers, it is convenient to use the continuous Come and walk around during the holidays, catch exhibitions and festival lanterns, and gain a lot. There are also kindergartens teaching off-campus here. Parents bring their children to play, super recommended! (🔎Ticket price and evaluation:KKdaylook)


Red Planet Asakusa Tokyo (1)

Village Hotel Tokyo Asakusa: The original Asakusa Red Planet Hotel closed and re-opened after changing its name

The location of the Red Planet Asakusa Tokyo in Asakusa, Tokyo is excellent. It is surrounded by Ippudo, Matsuya, McDonald's, Ji'an Temple and various shops and shopping malls. You don't have to worry about eating, drinking and shopping. One night we had a lot of fun Return to the hotel in the evening to place the loot, and walk to the Ji'an Temple for the final purchase at 11 o'clock in the evening. It can be reached within 5 minutes by walking. I highly recommend everyone to stay in this hotel when traveling to Tokyo. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observatory: Free viewing of Tokyo night view, traffic information and travel experience

The New Tokyo City Hall Observatory (The New Tokyo City Hall) is one of the top five landmarks to appreciate the night view of Tokyo. Compared with the new show "Shibuya SKY", there are also seats for indoor viewing, and souvenirs are available. Free admission is open to the Buddha Heart. You only need to line up on the spot to enter the venue, which naturally attracts many foreign tourists. The sunny weather on this day made us satisfied with the photos. I recommend it to everyone who collects city night scenes.