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🛍️Must buy in Germany?Unpacking and using experience with 30 items of trophies brought back by free travel

Do you plan to buy anything during this trip to Germany? Is this the spoils loaded in Rimowa's suitcase?With the help of friends in the same industry, they have no choice but to do their homework too well (the must-buy list in Germany is long). For example, the famous German brands WMF, Duo Brand, Bailing Oil, DM various products, stewardess pots, etc., while buying, tell us which ones You can bring them back, unknowingly, and let me count and sort out the prodigal information for you one by one!


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🛍️Click on Don Quixote DON DON DONKI to see which Japanese products are directly sold in Taiwan?

After the opening of the Don Quixote DON DON DONKI Zhongxiao Xinsheng store, it is generally agreed that it is easier to shop and buy than the West store. The products are diversified and the store continues the same style. Walking in it, you can’t help shouting, "It’s like shopping in Japan." !", Of course, when I saw these Japanese products, the price was slightly actuarial, almost the same price as Taiwan and Japan!


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2022 Taoyuan Grass Jelly Flower Festival: Grand opening on 11/27 Let's enjoy the sea of ​​lavender flowers together!

The 2022 Taoyuan Mesona Flower Festival (Taoyuan Mesona Flower Festival) will be launched on November 11. This article sorts out the shuttle bus and traffic control. Choose a different time to enjoy the view of Taoyuan's fairy grass and flowers, and enjoy the comfort of winter travel.


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OWL Family Owl Cafe Osaka Main Store: Goodbye!an hour of intimacy

When I set off for Osaka in 2016, the OWL Family Owl Cafe in Osaka was the only must-see attraction I designated to Wendy. I really saw too many friends sharing. There are not many opportunities to get so close to owls, so this trip The most anticipated is this scenic spot.Although there have been a lot of information and reports on OWL Family Owl Cafe, we still try to share our travel experience and experience with you, I hope you like it.


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🛍️Pokémon Center Kyoto Store: One-time capture of Pokémon limited items

The Pikachu store (Pokémon Center / Pokemon Center) opened its 2016th branch in Kyoto in March 3. Taking advantage of the cherry blossom viewing party, our friends brought us to buy regional-limited Pokémon goods. When you walk into the store, you will find In addition to the various products of the popular Pikachu, Pokémon characters have appeared in a variety of products, not only toys, from small household items to stationery, books, everything, just killing the weight of our wallets!

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Kyoto Daigo Temple: The ultimate lake view with a limited view of the night maple

In the second year, how to choose these scenic spots when you sprint Keihan to enjoy the autumn leaves?Basically, it is the regret of the first year's relics and special attractions. Daigo Temple belongs to the latter.I always thought it was a famous place for viewing cherry blossoms, but I didn't expect that its night maple was so beautiful, coupled with the few number of tourists..., my friends always told me not to write about the scenic spots too early, and regarded me as the three major gods in Japan!In fact, many Geyou have reported on it, but because of the appointment method and payment, relatively few people visit.