Xiangwo 11 Meal Hotel will start its trial operation on February 2021, 2. It combines the types of restaurants and guesthouses. It is located in a white building covering an area of ​​12 square meters in Shalu, Taichung. It plans a wide outdoor green turf and many children's amusement facilities.

A quick tour of Xiangwo 11 Meal Hotel


The large lawn and children’s play area can be used for free for dining or accommodation. After the children are fully discharged, they can stay overnight and fight the next day. It’s really great!It is simply the savior of parents.

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Xiangwo 11 Meal

Xiangwo 11 Meal

Xiangwo 11 Meal

Xiangwo 11 Meal

Xiangwo 11 Meal

The brand story of Xiangwo 11 Meal Hotel

Xiangwo 11 Meal Hotel is an independently operated hotel that combines a restaurant and a hotel model. It combines parent-child friendly restaurants and multiple children’s entertainment facilities. It attracts families and families to eat here and stay at the hotel, supplemented by Korean sweat. Mu Lai provides a fun experience for parents and children. Located in the Shalu District of Taichung, with a lot of green space, it can create a more leisurely accommodation atmosphere.

The concept of restaurant hotel is derived from the French "Auberge" (French-style hotel) business model, that is, the restaurant is the core, supplemented by the accommodation service model, broadly interpreted as small hotels with restaurants as the main selling point, such as: InterContinental Hotels Group Its Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant, and Hiramatsu Hotel, which is operated by Hiramatsu Restaurant in Japan, are all leaders in this category.

Xiangwo 11 Meal Hotel Recognition Sign

Want to nest 11 meals in the hotel. Shineworld 11

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Phone: +886 4 26323111
  • Official website: http://www.shineworld11.com.tw/
  • Business address: No. 11, Dongjin XNUMXst Street, Shalu District, Taichung City (Shalu District)

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