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FAV TOKYO Ryogoku (FAV TOKYO Ryogoku) is located in Ryogoku on the left bank of the Sumida River in Tokyo. Across the river are Asakusa and Akihabara. FAV is a new hotel brand founded in 2020. Through the design of streamlined service manpower and public facilities, it is matched with double rooms. Layered beds, kitchenettes, and washing machine facilities provide affordable apartment-type accommodation for multiple occupants. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com)

FAV TOKYO Basic introduction to the two countries📂

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku will officially open for business on March 2023, 3. The newly built building after the demolition of the street house was designed by the British design company PDP LONDON LLP. It will become the tenth stronghold of the FAV hotel brand.Nishi-Nippori, TokyoThe second base in Tokyo.

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FAV Tokyo Ryogoku

FAV TOKYO Room type selection in both countries🛏️

  • 雙層三床房:20㎡,2單人床+1上層單人床+1沙發床,4人
  • 雙層二床房:20㎡,1雙人床+1上層單人床+1沙發床,4人
  • Heral Bonnie雙層二床房:20㎡,1雙人床+1上層單人床+1沙發床,4人
  • Double room: 29㎡, 1 double bed + 2 sofa beds, 4 people
  • Two-storey suite: 40㎡, 2 double beds + 2 upper single beds, 6 people
  • Double bed suite: 40㎡, 2 double beds + 2 sofa beds, 6 people

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku is a brand-new 13-story building with only 19 rooms and suites in the whole building. There is a special Heral Bonnie theme room type. Most of the rooms are designed with bunk beds and sofa beds, providing a maximum of 4-6 people at the same time. The living space is quite suitable for groups or families with children, and the bunk beds are the favorite design of children.

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku adopts a simple wooden design embellished with midnight blue tones, with large landscape windows overlooking the Sumida River or the downtown area of ​​Ryogoku. All rooms in the building are equipped with kitchenettes and washing machines. Microwave ovens, induction cookers and simple tableware are provided for long-term travel convenience. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com)

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FAV Tokyo Ryogoku

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku

FAV TOKYO Breakfast and public facilities in both countries🍽️

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku is stationed in a coffee shop supervised by New Zealand Coffee Supreme. A self-service check-in machine is set up next to it and an original RPG-style Ryogoku tourist brochure is provided free of charge. Guests can purchase breakfast here at an additional price, and can dine at the hotel entrance and enjoy the street view. The coffee shop is also a space open to the public.

The FAV brand focuses on affordable serviced apartment accommodation. It adopts a design that simultaneously simplifies service manpower and public facilities, integrates the brand concept of a luxury youth hostel, abandons common hotel facilities such as gymnasiums and restaurants, and encourages tenants to explore local culture, thus providing cheap but affordable accommodation. Design apartment accommodation options.

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FAV Tokyo Ryogoku

FAV TOKYO Traffic information and surrounding environment of the two countries🚖

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku is located in the Ryogoku area on the left bank of the Sumida River. You can walk 400 meters from the hotel to JR Ryogoku Station.Water BusThe pier provides easy access to all major sightseeing areas in Tokyo.

The Ryogoku area where FAV Hotel is located is a famous spot for sumo wrestling in Tokyo and the former residence of Katsushika Hokusai. There are also many museums to visit such as the old Yasuda Garden, Ryogoku Fireworks Museum, and Sword Museum. Guests can use the Ryogoku sightseeing brochure provided by the hotel. It is easy to arrange a one-day trip between the two countries with the fun of breaking the barrier.

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Surrounding Environment Map of Sumida Ward, Tokyo

▲ Tokyo's Sumida District is located in the area east of Asakusa and the Sumida River. It has the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest landmark building in Tokyo. (source:Tokyo Tourism Foundation)

FAV TOKYO The brand story of two countries🏨

Kasumigaseki Capital (Kasumigaseki Capital/夏ヶ关キャピタル Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2011. The company is headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo. It is engaged in logistics, energy, real estate development and hotel operations. It promotes the FAV apartment hotel brand. FAV means Favorite Hotel, which also means Family, Friends, and Freedom, focuses on multi-occupancy apartments in tourist cities, providing large-space accommodation with kitchenettes and washing machines.

The FAV hotel brand is operated by REQREA INC. (Co., Ltd. リクリエ), which was founded in 2016. Its headquarters is located in Fukuoka, Kyushu. At the beginning of its business, it started from homestay operation, and its subsequent business expanded to hotel planning and operation, marketing and system development. It will start operating flights in 2020. The first FAV HOTEL in Takayama, each hotel has a different design style, and they all choose a convenient location near the station to provide affordable accommodation suitable for parent-child families and groups.

FAV HOTEL brand identity logo

FAV TOKYO Two countries’ unboxing videos▶️

FAV Tokyo Ryogoku. FAV TOKYO Ryogoku・FAV TOKYO Ryogoku

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Phone: +81 92 2922431
  • Official website: https://fav-hotels.com/hotels/tokyoryogoku/
  • 地址:〒130-0026 東京都墨田区両国1-9-10

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There is always something new in Tokyo, Japan. Various new amusement facilities are launched every year. There are also many high-rise buildings that combine star hotels and shopping malls, allowing people to once again experience the charm of Tokyo that you will never get tired of. The railway lines are super In dense Tokyo, it is very convenient no matter where you stay.

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