Let's Relax Spa: Koh Samui’s First Herbal Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Let's Relax Spa is a Thai massage SPA chain brand. The number of domestic branches has reached 21. Almost tourist cities or islands are stationed, but the service quality control is maintained well. With its price, hardware equipment and peripheral products, Let's Relax Spa It is a fairly affordable brand. Today, I will introduce the branch and treatment experience on Koh Samui. (→ Online booking)


2016 New Hotel in Samui

2017 Samui Hotel Booking Guide: 11 newly opened star hotels and resorts

The Samui International Airport is privately established and operated by Bangkok Airways, which makes overseas tourists often have to pay high transfer and ticket costs when going on vacation. In 2017, it was known as the direct flight from Taiwan to Samui, and it was also a charter flight operation model with non-fixed flights. , The seats are booked by the travel agency, free travellers are still obediently transiting in Bangkok!


Recommended attractions in Koh Samui: The Wealthy Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, Avalokitesvara, Thai Temple

Samui Island, with a total area of ​​228.7 square kilometers, is equivalent to twice the size of the Penghu Islands. Wouldn’t it be better to understand how to arrange travel days to fully understand the attractions of Samui Island?This time the tour guide took us to the scenic spot of Fortune Buddha, stepping barefoot on the high temperature tiles, it was super hot!But going up to be closer to the faith center on this island, I feel very impressed.


Zhongda Seafood Restaurant: Recommended by Samui Beach and Sea Water

There are various gourmet restaurants in the city on Koh Samui. Many of them are located in great locations beside the beach coast. At that time, we were going to return to Koh Samui Airport to have a meal here with a tour guide. It was also convenient for the airport to fly back to Bangkok.I originally thought that this restaurant was still open, but I didn’t expect to see the return from the tripadvisor website that it was closed. This article published it as a travel record and missed the food and beautiful scenery at that time.


Kandaburi Resort: Romantic buffet restaurant and lively music on Koh Samui

Many people who travel to Koh Samui are couples, couples or newlyweds, so there is no shortage of romantic and beautiful restaurants on the island. Kandburi Resort is one of them.It is located in the southeast of Samui Airport, about 1.5 kilometers away from the airport and Chaweng Beach. It takes only 8 to 10 minutes by car to answer the question. The cafeteria next to the hotel’s exclusive beach is carefully arranged in the hotel. The curtains follow. With the sea breeze blowing gently, many guests specially ask the restaurant to arrange an excellent location to share the feelings of the night with the other half.


Hansa Resort Samui: A romantic moment to meet an island wedding

When you come to Thailand’s romantic Sumei islands for vacation, the most common drink is beer, and the most common thing that catches your eye is the wedding.Most of the star-rated hotels in Sumei will provide wedding preparation services, especially the weather in Sumei is very good. Even in the rainy season, it stops at the end. With beautiful clear beaches and blue sky and white clouds, it is no wonder that many people choose to hold their weddings here. Just take photos. Pretty!When we stayed at the Sumei Hansar Hotel in the evening, we happened to witness the whole process of a wedding. The leisurely vacation and the happiness of the wedding really complement each other.(► Reservation price and guest reviews)