Da Nang is an emerging city in central Vietnam and a beach resort. It has endless beach views. In early 2019, I will visit Da Nang again with a small burger. The first choice is the five-star resort with a private beach in the waters of Tangren Beach, let small burger You can play in the water to your heart's content, followed by choosing a new restaurant in the My Khe beach area, where you can also enjoy the surrounding food and beautiful scenery.

How to choose the area and location of Da Nang accommodation?

The administrative area of ​​Da Nang is divided into Quận Hải Châu, Quận Sơn Trà, Quận Ngũ Hành Sơn, Quận Thanh Khê, Quận Liên, Chiận Liên There are six counties in Quận Cẩm Lệ.Among them, Haizhou County is the center of Da Nang City and Da Nang International Airport, Shan Tra County has the Camellia Peninsula and My Khe Beach, and Wuxingshan County has Wuxingshan and Tangren Beach. The three counties are also the areas with the densest star-rated hotels.

There is Lingu Beach in Phu Lu County, Hue Province to the north of Da Nang. The east coast is shaded by the Camellia Peninsula. The stretch of coastline has white sand and smooth waves. From south to north, there are My Khe, Non Nuoc and An The four major beaches of An Bang and Cua Dai are connected to each other, and they are all beach resorts with many resorts. My Khe Beach and Tangren Beach are located in Shan Cha County and Wuxing Mountain County next to Da Nang City. The former is Star-rated hotels with boundless sea views, the latter are resorts with private beaches.

The latest star accommodation option in Da Nang

The newest member of the Danang Tangren Beach five-star resort isThe Shilla Grand Hotel Da Nang, Has the advantage of a private beach, and most of the other emerging four-star hotels are located in the My Khe Beach area adjacent to the urban area of ​​Da Nang.

Accommodation nameEnglish nameRoom price inquiryAccommodation address
The Shilla Grand Hotel Da Nang53092020ResortShilla Monogram Quangnam Danangagoda discount rate queryLac Long Quan st., Dien Ngoc, Dien Ban, Quang Nam province, Vietnam10789475https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/10789475/-1/a65737ea234e6a4ed15cb79ff086b495.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/107/10789475/10789475_20010211370086599108.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/10789475/-1/c5e95350e0d97b3ce3b0abfaf2a580bc.jpg
Danang Regal Lakeside Three-Bedroom Villa552020Resort villaRegal Lakeside Danang-300 sqm 3 BR 5 star Villaagoda discount rate query11300798https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/11300798/0/75b3621138f08bc141112f23498ba79d.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/agoda-homes/11300798/2afc8ebfed6465544e148b8e76c1d583.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/11300798/0/5fbfe03b469110cad4b92f5a02bcc642.jpg
Hilton Danang52202019HotelHilton Da Nangagoda discount rate query6377853https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/6377853/-1/7d4af1bdcdb334067be80905cca24c1b.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/6377853/-1/1ef4b3259d5e33d8b9082d6dd2742344.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/6377853/-1/c1b4b5acebea582d63b2776bbe42b65e.jpg
Sea Salt Suites51642019HotelSel de Mer Hotel & Suitesagoda discount rate query92 Vo Nguyen Giap St., Man Thai Ward, Son Tra Dist, Da Nang City9374420https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/9374420/-1/fad7dc2e1f5c32393bc965e660ab173a.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/937/9374420/9374420_19081913430079666088.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/937/9374420/9374420_19081914210079668058.jpg
Mona Lisa5402019Serviced apartment, Serviced apartmentMonalisa Apartmentagoda discount rate query8840271https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/8840271/-1/b860fa30e9cf3c410d53dc0b12389eb9.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/884/8840271/8840271_19091511140080944410.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/884/8840271/8840271_19120210260084740694.jpg
Tropic House Apartment Danang53220192019Serviced apartment, Serviced apartmentTropical House Apartment Da Nangagoda discount rate query01 Ta My Duat6558650https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/6558650/-1/b2811241d3768b7b466942d4d95bdeb8.pnghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/655/6558650/6558650_19022611140072523563.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/6558650/-1/845b20d5b485154afdb165d700d82252.png
Sara Beach Hotel Danang4.51622019HotelSALA DANANG BEACH HOTELagoda discount rate query36-38 Lam Hoanh7243073https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7243073/-1/2c23bff22987ee68884d4f4996df672a.pnghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7243073/-1/1de4dd40e043695abfa4893f9f93fc92.pnghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7243073/-1/cd21beb8df85be1942e7e945e987c782.png
Mintoan Ocean Hotel413320202020HotelMinh Toan Ocean Hotelagoda discount rate query224 Vo Nguyen Giap, My Khe Beach10604648https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/10604648/-1/6cd2dbcedc8aa702916ff0890630b5e2.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/10604648/-1/3c6e4708b0e43d9f7cf55cbc28375fd0.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/10604648/-1/4c42e4f5652787bedf2374b0aad2128e.jpg
Haian Riverside Hotel Danang4862020HotelHaian Riverfront Hotel Da Nangagoda discount rate query182 Bạch Đằng, Hai Chau15854209https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/15854209/-1/18646d85b8cd16f98d68389ce7790fb6.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/158/15854209/15854209_20062514390091099940.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/158/15854209/15854209_20061113420090847392.jpg
Cordio Hotel Danang4802020HotelCORDIAL GRAND HOTELagoda discount rate query27-29 Loseby Street, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra Dictrict, Da Nang City17164737https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/17164737/-1/3da8ad3e938332ac9825fea9218d11ea.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/171/17164737/17164737_20090321340092127969.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/171/17164737/17164737_20090315370092123376.jpg
Pharaoh Boutique Hotel Danang4402020HotelPharaoh Boutique Hotel Danangagoda discount rate query25 Ly Thanh Tong Street, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Phuoc My, Da Nang, Da Nang, Vietnam13814086https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/13814086/-1/89ce671c00a3a9f4c9678babc9748b54.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/13814086/-1/20d3e446d4f3917f1e8b4e04b5a0a9b4.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/13814086/-1/4888bdadf773a3aa306f0a5c29f2e9eb.jpg
Chiclan Hotel Danang41502019HotelChicland Danang Beach Hotelagoda discount rate query210 Vo Nguyen Giap, My Khe Beach, Son Tra, Da Nang7443098https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/7443098/-1/4cb505038d2ed8359185121082225560.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/744/7443098/7443098_19052214300074652982.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/744/7443098/7443098_19052214300074652982.jpg
Geckland Luxury Hotel & Spa41202019HotelGIC Luxury Hotel and Spaagoda discount rate query59 LE DUAN-HAI CHAU-DA NANG8825326https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/8825326/-1/31b5d04245a8637c1a88a3bb4a99a529.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/8825326/-1/219c3efb537a0fad55e8d56210507998.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/8825326/-1/996972c701613a6003ef9b5a517fa8bd.jpg
Stella Maris Beach Hotel Danang4972019HotelStella Maris Beach Danangagoda discount rate query03 Vo Van Kiet Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Vietnam6812114https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/6812114/-1/f10e8b07c7739e4bf0ad1472b31012ad.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/681/6812114/6812114_19041716190073804203.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/6812114/-1/7ad6c3d78b1dfd6f8003d4d791c5acd9.jpg
Dong Yang Hotel Danang49020192019HotelDong Duong Hotel and Suitesagoda discount rate query62 Thai Phien Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam7031755https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7031755/-1/bb3eb63848bd6a8aac5ba0199de22ab8.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/703/7031755/7031755_19041810360073818277.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/703/7031755/7031755_19041814380073824301.jpg
Nagira Boutique Hotel4812019HotelNagila Boutique Hotelagoda discount rate querylot 11-12 H1, Pham Van Dong street, An Hai Bac ward8262483https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/8262483/-1/6b53ada8170b414608e546ee1d0d8f96.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/8262483/-1/2aad5387efa15e7af8a02ca0db003b3f.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/8262483/-1/2b43245a5ce2f7103cf44c63aae958ad.jpg
Roliwa Hotel Danang4802019HotelRoliva Hotel & Apartment Danangagoda discount rate queryLot H2-12-13 Pham Van Dong6953022https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/6953022/-1/0d2132a485bbc7e5cf04879ba8b8e2c8.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/6953022/-1/0c4c37b734d7d64ed92aae2cd52fb542.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/6953022/-1/8814aaa806e8bf036408828945464610.jpg
Ruby Light Hotel Danang47520192020HotelRuby Light Hotelagoda discount rate query18415948https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/18415948/-1/5e07ac9934f8a33d7a873e77c40e045e.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/184/18415948/18415948_20100115030092605980.pnghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/184/18415948/18415948_20100115160092606137.png
CN Palace Boutique Hotel & Spa4722019HotelCN Palace Boutique Hotel & Spaagoda discount rate queryLot 4,5,6 Pham Van Dong, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District7474236https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7474236/-1/279688e09b0197415614226f95d021fe.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/747/7474236/7474236_19053009180074818731.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/747/7474236/7474236_19053010440074820131.jpg
Ibiza Riverside Hotel Danang4662019HotelIBIZA Riverfront Hotel Da Nangagoda discount rate query205 Tran Hung Dao-Son Tra-Da Nang7395755https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/7395755/-1/2ce377e3909b8c09e06022284d680ba6.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/739/7395755/7395755_19051509440074492260.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/7395755/-1/13f5e673e9659ea38cf81167e1ac0028.jpg
Lady Boutique Hotel4652019HotelSenorita Boutique Hotelagoda discount rate query10941726https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/10941726/-1/683ef4ac86ea07147df2d6b945d62b5c.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/10941726/-1/698bb85d5f218b7659fa4608210d0e8b.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/109/10941726/10941726_19122410150086299401.jpg
Prague Hotel46520192020HotelPrague Hotelagoda discount rate query12790732https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/12790732/-1/c2485c1b676e43e9c39333b07425747d.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/127/12790732/12790732_20021010290087966137.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/12790732/-1/2b6e6dadf2876480e268471c43f81aa9.jpg
Hotel Alita Rivera4602019HotelArita Rivera Hotelagoda discount rate query02 An Tu Cong Chua Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Vietnam10003415https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/10003415/-1/5187c8697eb0fcaf83c3fda4af2740e0.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/10003415/-1/361c0c27c01505acb7c50c6dd51d0040.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/10003415/-1/a4ae82387ef17e6d2da2039552aca076.jpg
Sunny Ocean Hotel & Spa Danang4602019HotelSunny Ocean Hotel & Spaagoda discount rate query90 Tran Bach Dang6496404https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/6496404/-1/71849862ce09a6dbb629bfa38b72cb96.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/649/6496404/6496404_19011714070071398186.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/6496404/-1/dd0f97d109c1363fb94dd9423226123c.jpg
Cordia Hotel Danang4592019HotelCordial Hotelagoda discount rate query30 Loseby St, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang6428461https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/642/6428461/6428461_19030408470072697360.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/642/6428461/6428461_19011022190071213050.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/6428461/-1/d1b00fe79eeb99919921336f96df75cc.jpg
Ocean Luxury Boutique Hotel4502019HotelGrand Ocean Luxury Boutiqueagoda discount rate query27-29 Phan Liem, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang7127269https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/7127269/-1/9d95c015083ae12d197b4b71bbd5809e.pnghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/712/7127269/7127269_19042523560074059729.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/712/7127269/7127269_19042600350074060443.jpg
Celina Hotel & Apartments4502019HotelCELINA HOTEL &APARTMENTagoda discount rate query45-47 An Thuong 26, Da Nang6949438https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/6949438/-1/395b2a0bd7b7ad2ef27f35a21cb9bcec.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/694/6949438/6949438_19070410520077642162.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/694/6949438/6949438_19070411190077650831.jpg
Samaria Boutique Hotel & Spa4442019HotelSalmalia Boutique Hotel & Spaagoda discount rate query52 Lam Hoanh, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam6884705https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/6884705/-1/d012b3bbcf3f321e74b08071ac3e3a1d.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/6884705/-1/15191722acd5537fa6cfdd3f06189276.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/6884705/-1/c361566369ca84928fa15d537f8fd16f.jpg
Sun River Hotel and Apartment4252019HotelSun River Hotel and Apartmentagoda discount rate query9391841https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/939/9391841/9391841_19082715060080047594.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/939/9391841/9391841_19082715060080047592.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/939/9391841/9391841_19082715080080047759.jpg
Mai Villa Apartments4182019HotelMai Villa Da Nangagoda discount rate query37 CHE LAN VIEN STREET, NGU HANH SON DISTRICT, DA NANG CITY7961590https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7961590/-1/ddad08a6f0f32587196d61dce827c61f.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7961590/-1/51ad3d2bd8aeeb2e83c3e8d4325bf445.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/7961590/-1/5f69202e32d0e89dad052b1d75bc32d8.jpg
Adarin Hotel & Residence Danang3.5222020HotelAdaline Hotel and Apartmentagoda discount rate query580 Vo Nguyen Giap11295745https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/11295745/-1/edb00bed47a6438a9262e28e48e6f899.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/112/11295745/11295745_19122322540086277690.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/11295745/-1/e0fc46b7bd9bc143a5431f3e1bf48cd8.jpg
Golden Rose Hotel Danang3.510020192019HotelGOLDEN ROSE HOTEL DANANGagoda discount rate query6548504https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/654/6548504/6548504_19030114360072618299.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/654/6548504/6548504_19030109440072611845.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/654/6548504/6548504_19030114330072618203.jpg
Danang Rest Hotel and Apartment3.5702019HotelRest Hotel & Apartmentagoda discount rate query8264400https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/826/8264400/8264400_19070812040077948769.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/826/8264400/8264400_19070811280077948312.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/826/8264400/8264400_19070812040077948768.jpg
Golden Rose 3 Hotel Danang3.5502019HotelGOLDEN ROSE 3 HOTEL DANANGagoda discount rate queryGOLDEN ROSE 3 HOTEL DANANG6534301https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/6534301/-1/aab425ff1b89bbd43e26fe1987276b37.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/653/6534301/6534301_19030408400072697323.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/6534301/-1/345dddcc76f812293879c78a77561e04.jpg
Ocean Corner Boutique Hotel3.5322019HotelSea Corner Boutique Hotelagoda discount rate query6241213https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/6241213/-1/4b071975bf08f4de9c8681400c80e96c.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/6241213/-1/b971193076db0459f0d04aa55e22fabe.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/6241213/-1/861debc5cce687aa0bafc2013fb0d02f.jpg
City Point Apartments3.5182019Entire apartment, Entire apartmentCITYPOINT APARTMENTagoda discount rate query11123258https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/11123258/-1/bfc2f9dfa6c02dde7e98ca770910ea10.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/111/11123258/11123258_19121918120086082421.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/11123258/-1/e493473f21586e1822ec38796b1a6d41.jpg
POSIKI Dorm and Cafe3542021HostelPOSIKI Dorm and Cafeagoda discount rate query22425607https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/224/22425607/22425607_21021109120094952027.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/224/22425607/22425607_21021108560094951898.jpg
Lee's Apartment-Hotel Danang3302020Serviced apartment, Serviced apartmentLee's Apartment-Hotel Danangagoda discount rate query29 Nguyen Thien Ke18876303https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/18876303/-1/2c6be9cd0e8b975b1827df1ff5d37dfa.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/18876303/-1/7db8ec6b1ddf768298de86a32312ca30.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/18876303/-1/60d51203e19762f43eae7c847bf0ba5f.jpg
CLIVIA HOTEL AND SUITE3802019HotelCLIVIA HOTEL AND SUITEagoda discount rate query7034083https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/7034083/-1/ddf583b3b2212fc3d5e8ee7481f808cd.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/703/7034083/7034083_19041813440073822531.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7034083/-1/fed65a330b0ddb402118cdb0ba9cb8d5.jpg
Gold Boutique Hotel3502019HotelGold Boutique Hotelagoda discount rate query6890862https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/6890862/-1/1679becadc71dd35baffa9ce1ac1cd13.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/689/6890862/6890862_19031610560073040911.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/689/6890862/6890862_19031816000073073791.jpg
Capella Danang Hotel-Apartment3412019HotelCapella Danang Hotel-Apartmentagoda discount rate query16484578https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/16484578/-1/572948503403f1d1b8ab7bb8ed552e6f.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/164/16484578/16484578_20080316450091790490.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/164/16484578/16484578_20080814490091851050.jpg
Kiwi Hotel and Apartments3322019HotelKiwi Hotel and Apartmentsagoda discount rate query9373100https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/9373100/-1/2ab310b479bb3d8390fcd341974042d0.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/9373100/-1/5624c827286d61aa4a007c3cfedb7f37.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/937/9373100/9373100_19081916030079673535.jpg
LYN'S Hotel and Apartment3302019HotelLYN'S Hotel and Apartmentagoda discount rate query11533693https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/115/11533693/11533693_19122715360086458820.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/115/11533693/11533693_19122714270086454545.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/115/11533693/11533693_19122715310086458686.jpg
King House Villa Hotel & Spa3292019HotelKing House Villa Hotel & Spaagoda discount rate query6492530https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/6492530/-1/e7fac1b7c1187038859a9f5eee721321.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/6492530/-1/2a5920198de89d860b5c26ae2ee2a310.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/649/6492530/6492530_19012921070071837173.jpg
Hadiva Boutique Hotel31820192019HotelHadiva Boutique Hotelagoda discount rate query9848046https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/9848046/-1/f44691e365d1c73d5f8e93805009c23b.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/984/9848046/9848046_19100410180081795946.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/984/9848046/9848046_19100713560081852948.jpg
Konoha Boutique Villa3162019HotelKonoha Boutique Villaagoda discount rate query6590977https://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/6590977/-1/9e5b0196909afa44cce950e5a180376b.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/659/6590977/6590977_19030515260072733756.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/659/6590977/6590977_19021311410072240809.jpg
The Garden Riverside Hotel2102021HotelThe Garden Riverside Hotelagoda discount rate query21955658https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/219/21955658/21955658_21011023340094090675.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/219/21955658/21955658_21011022260094090173.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/219/21955658/21955658_21011023340094090667.jpg
Aroya Hotel2412020HotelAroya Hotelagoda discount rate query17248146https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248146/-1/62f2e7e70519efcef594d080ebe1f2de.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248146/-1/4b39bf80f6828f7c36ec5afb400b8d32.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248146/-1/1582d456c4281e385cfea47751175c66.jpg
The Samson Boutique Hotel2232019HotelThe Samson Boutique Hotelagoda discount rate query7270856https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/7270856/-1/2c46b7bb88bb072ee66c847eb90d6b00.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/727/7270856/7270856_19050911070074372265.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/727/7270856/7270856_19050910580074372129.jpg
Sing Hotel Da Nang2162019HotelSing Hotel Da Nangagoda discount rate query10542770https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/105/10542770/10542770_19102517290082697678.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/105/10542770/10542770_19102515230082687122.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/105/10542770/10542770_19102517290082697673.jpg
The Garden Hotel and Apartment2102019HotelThe Garden Hotel and Apartmentagoda discount rate query9770636https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/9770636/-1/f3e1c6b9b42c0ca190e1c1aeb6d0b122.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/977/9770636/9770636_19100110470081642842.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/977/9770636/9770636_19091921010081112403.jpg
An's House-Homestay Da Nang252019HomestayAn's House-Homestay Da Nangagoda discount rate query9805480https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/980/9805480/9805480_19093021570081622157.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/980/9805480/9805480_19092711360081480226.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/980/9805480/9805480_19093021570081622160.jpg
Maris Apartment172020Serviced apartment, Serviced apartmentMaris Apartmentagoda discount rate query17248059https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248059/-1/e6e0576b84d83912cef78106a7afd835.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248059/-1/139d2a9d5431647e0e08761fb9084ce3.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248059/-1/56526dd3b5ce44fdda8947681392a70f.jpg
Minh Boutique1242019HotelMinh Boutiqueagoda discount rate query9762187https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/976/9762187/9762187_19091812030081054076.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/976/9762187/9762187_19091808120081046822.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/976/9762187/9762187_19091812030081054064.jpg
Luna House Danang192019HotelLuna House Danangagoda discount rate query7447616https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/7447616/-1/f89b45f7901fc95622f8a7de7e733c26.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/744/7447616/7447616_19052910280074789674.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/744/7447616/7447616_19061916420076210697.jpg
Kaia Residence Da Nang192019HotelKaia Residence Da Nangagoda discount rate query9846077https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/9846077/124670696/777cee25f856684457c23af6e2828c44.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/984/9846077/9846077_19100722480081865237.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/9846077/-1/75c763f1291f39074c8ac8671d6a4b4a.jpg
Chi House Da Nang0542021HotelChi House Da Nangagoda discount rate queryChi House Da Nang Hotlel and Apartment16360226https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/16360226/-1/48fb720aa680391f459e4ab9d70c00a6.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/16360226/227922107/b8459550d721c5367d6f9782d013c303.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/16360226/-1/5f88a313d366afb63fc38509c41313cf.jpg
Win Win Hotel & Apartment082020Serviced apartment, Serviced apartmentWin Win Hotel & Apartmentagoda discount rate query17248082https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248082/-1/b226c3c4e942d9457d3a428d4c5c6dee.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248082/-1/1a4a513db0a7f724582088359af2e047.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/17248082/-1/9d25e11a8c211e0e3e6acc2eaed55544.jpg
The Now Boutique Hotel02720192019HotelThe Now Boutique Hotelagoda discount rate query13571807https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/13571807/-1/59c5b9d8853e2f2d622b04d42f2419ef.jpghttps://pix2.agoda.net/hotelimages/13571807/-1/5eff1f023d5dbe75123d49fabcbeb5d2.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/13571807/-1/5d0e292c1d4eee4853bd9aa98efeefa2.jpg
Prana Boutique Hotel and Apartments02020192019HotelPrana Boutique Hotel and Apartmentsagoda discount rate query10301968https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/10301968/-1/05664046989fe3b8d0de4eb2494ed792.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/103/10301968/10301968_19110609150083136711.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/10301968/-1/80703774ed64813f5ec481d80fcc5c14.jpg
Animor green home villa Danang0172019HotelAnimor green home villa Danangagoda discount rate query4911184https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/4911184/-1/1f9f58a9a99af5f0adac7a8b5078e658.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/4911184/-1/bf97b215f62eb97e97997fa586930498.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/4911184/-1/35ff9fe7b085fcc77cdde1cbcea92540.jpg
The Memory-Danang0172019HotelThe Memory-Danangagoda discount rate query6753530https://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/675/6753530/6753530_19042817560074103369.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/6753530/-1/9f89e4fe0a5d486b705191771ec11669.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/675/6753530/6753530_19042817520074103356.jpg
Lem's coffee and apartment092019HotelLem's coffee and apartmentagoda discount rate query9084149https://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/908/9084149/9084149_19080216440078968251.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/908/9084149/9084149_19081513390079390602.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/9084149/-1/883e727fc8eba2289d6e59b4087864c0.jpg
Fuji Boutique Danang092019HotelFuji Boutique Danangagoda discount rate query10185713https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/101/10185713/10185713_19101410270082040826.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/101/10185713/10185713_19101410020082040049.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/10185713/-1/fce8e4d6f5ebaa94ba20b1c6f48119c6.jpg
Oasis Hotel & Apartment0820192019HotelOasis Hotel & Apartmentagoda discount rate query6853023https://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/6853023/-1/4382060ace38c5af58901aec694afa32.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/685/6853023/6853023_19030921280072862734.jpghttps://pix4.agoda.net/hotelimages/6853023/-1/3a9978f85e9e88b9bab9b1def02b0b67.jpg
G'Apartment0720192019Entire apartment, Entire apartmentG'Apartmentagoda discount rate query6593837https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/659/6593837/6593837_19022319360072480345.jpghttps://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/659/6593837/6593837_19022318560072479965.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/659/6593837/6593837_19022318550072479948.jpg
POSIKI Dorm Hostel022019HostelPOSIKI Dorm Hostelagoda discount rate query9368780https://pix3.agoda.net/hotelimages/936/9368780/9368780_19081917030079676765.jpghttps://pix1.agoda.net/hotelimages/9368780/-1/95d49f7ca94ff9b9ff100fa8b7db90e0.jpghttps://pix5.agoda.net/hotelimages/9368780/-1/c7899ad2c12f7fc8117785b16a5b6857.jpg

Tangren Beach: a five-star resort with private beach

Tangren Beach is located in the Hehai area to the south of the Marble Mountains. There are many well-known five-star resorts in the entire area, all of which have the location advantage of a private beach. It is very suitable for tourists who love hotel vacations. They can enjoy the tranquil holiday atmosphere and coastal landscape, but There are a limited number of newly opened hotels each year. The latest one to open in 2018 is the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Resort under the Marriott Hotel Group. The infinity pool is connected to the private beach, and you can enjoy the beauty without limits.

TOP 10 Danang Tangren Beach Five-star Resort

Based on the average rating of Agoda's staying guests and the location of the hotel, 10 best-rated five-star hotels are selected, with more than 100 rooms. The hotels are all located along the Tangren Beach and all have their own private beach space.

Hotel nameEnglish nameMagnitudenumber of roomsOpening yearRenovation yearPreferential bookingHotel address
Pullman Danang Beach ResortPullman danang beach resort51862010Agoda Booking101 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Furama Hotel DanangFurama Resort Danang519819972013Agoda Booking105 Vo Nguyen Giap St., Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son Dist.
Grand Vero Ocean Resort Danang Grandvrio Ocean Resort Danang51502017Agoda BookingVo Nguyen Giap St, Dien Ngoc ward, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province-Da Nang, Viet Nam
Vinpearl Resort and Spa DanangVinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang51222017Agoda BookingTruong Sa Street
Danang Premium Village Resort-Managed by AccorHotelsPremier Village Danang Resort-Managed by Accor Hotels510920142014Agoda Booking99 Vo Nguyen Giap street
Norman Resort DanangNaman Retreat Resort510420142014Agoda BookingTruong Sa Street
Pearl Luxury Hotel Da NangVinpearl Luxury Da Nang52002011Agoda BookingNo. 7 Truong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang, Viet Nam
Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and SpaHyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa53752011Agoda Booking05 Truong Sa Street
Sheraton Grand Danang ResortSheraton Grand Danang Resort52582018Agoda Booking35 Truong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward
Melia Danang Beach ResortMelia Danang Beach Resort52642015Agoda Booking19 Truong Sa
Crowne Plaza DanangCrowne Plaza Danang553520102010Agoda Booking8 Son Tra Dien Ngoc
Pukra Resort DanangPulchra Resort Danang5312008Agoda BookingLot 22 Truong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Ocean VillaThe Ocean Villas5402010Agoda BookingTruong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son Dist, Da Nang City
Mangala Zen Garden and Luxury ApartmentsMangala Zen Garden & Luxury Apartments52015Agoda BookingVilla J2, The Oceanvillas, Truong Sa street, Ngu Hanh Son district
Maya Fusion ResortFusion Maia resort- All spa inclusive58720102015Agoda BookingVo Nguyen Giap Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Furama Villa DanangFurama Villas Danang5652011Agoda Booking107 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Vinpearl Da Nang VillaVinpearl Da Nang Villas5392012Agoda BookingA Truong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son Dist
Hyatt Regency Danang VillaHyatt Regency Danang Villa5122011Agoda Booking05 Truong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Aulalani Condo ResortOlalani Resort and Condotel52852012Agoda BookingTruong Sa Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Danang Central Beach ResortCentara Sandy Beach Resort Da Nang419820052013Agoda Booking21,Truong Sa Road, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District

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Sheraton Grand Danang Resort.Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 5 stars
  • Number of rooms: 258
  • Opening year: 2018

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort 1

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort 3

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort 5

My Khe Beach: a five-star hotel with boundless sea views

My Khe Beach can also be called Danang Beach. It stretches 6 kilometers from the Camellia Peninsula all the way to the south. The entire beach is an open sea space. It is close to the scenic spots in Da Nang city. The hotel along the coast can overlook the Han River and My Khe Beach. Beautiful scenery, often set up high-altitude infinity swimming pool, very suitable for people who like to take pictures and check in. Coastal restaurants and My Khe Beach are separated by a road, and you must cross the road to get there. Although there is no private beach advantage, it is easy to gather people. There are many seafood restaurants along the road. The atmosphere is also lively.

Since I started traveling abroad with a small Hamburg, I began to pay special attention to family-friendly hotel accommodation. The two newly opened accommodations of TMS Hotel and Rosamia Hotel belong to this category.The infinity pool overlooks the beauty of My Khe Beach. It is equipped with a children’s paddling pool and a children’s playroom that people will give priority to booking. There is a bar and spa in the hotel, allowing parents to take turns and take time to relax. There are many restaurants in the surrounding alleys. Foraging is even more convenient.

TOP 10 five-star hotels in My Khe Beach, Da Nang

Based on the average rating of Agoda's staying guests and the location of the hotel, 10 best-rated five-star hotels are selected, each with more than 100 rooms, all located in the first row along My Khe Beach, directly facing the ocean Landscape.

Hotel nameEnglish nameMagnitudenumber of roomsOpening yearPreferential bookingHotel addressRecommended Articles
TMS Danang Beach HotelTMS Hotel Da Nang Beach52282018Agoda Booking292 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son Districthttps://itravelblog.net/30473/
DLG Danang HotelDLG Hotel Danang5241Agoda Booking258 Võ Nguyên Giáp
Rosami HotelRosamia Da Nang Hotel52082018Agoda Booking282 Vo Nguyen Giap-Ngu Hanh Son
Riaz Altara ApartmentsAltara Suites by Ri-Yaz51552017Agoda Booking120 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District
Four Points by Sheraton Da NangFour Points by Sheraton Danang53902017Agoda Booking118-120 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My Wardhttps://itravelblog.net/30530/
Grand Tulum HotelGrand Tourane Hotel5189Agoda Booking252 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra Dist
Narod Hotel DanangThe Nalod Da Nang52502017Agoda Booking192 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District
Morong An Luxury Hotel Da NangMuong Thanh Luxury Da Nang hotel55832017Agoda BookingNo 270, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Maximilian Beach HotelMaximilan Danang Beach Hotel5128Agoda Booking222 Vo Nguyen Giap street,Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District
Chicland HotelChicland Hotel41502019Agoda Booking210 Vo Nguyen Giap, My Khe Beach, Son Tra
Sea Salt Hotel and Suites DanangSel de Mer Hotel & Suites51642019Agoda Booking92 Vo Nguyen Giap St., Man Thai Ward, Son Tra Dist
Mandila Beach Hotel DanangMandila Beach Hotel DaNang41302017Agoda Booking218 Vo Nguyen Giap Street
Belmason Parosan Hotel DanangBelle Maison Parosand Danang41382017Agoda Booking216 Vo Nguyen Giap
Le Hoang Beach Hotel DanangLe Hoang Beach Hotel Danang41002017Agoda Booking244 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra
Haian Beach Hotel & SpaHAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa42122018Agoda Booking278 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Balcona Hotel DanangBalcona Hotel Da Nang42018Agoda Booking288 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District
Grand Golden HotelGrand Gold Hotel4.5832018Agoda BookingLot 1-A2.2, Hoang Sa Street, Son Tra District
Le Carter Danang Beach HotelA La Carte Da Nang Beach Hotel4.52022013Agoda Booking200 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra District
Mintoan Beach HotelsMinh Toan Ocean Hotel41332020Agoda Booking224 Vo Nguyen Giap, My Khe Beach

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TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach. TMS Danang Beach Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 5 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 228
  • Opening year: 2018

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TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach (3)

TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach (11)

TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach (67)

TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach (76)

TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach (105)

Rosamia Da Nang Hotel.Rosami Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 5 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 208
  • Opening year: 2018

Rosamia Da Nang Hotel 1

Rosamia Da Nang Hotel 2

Rosamia Da Nang Hotel 3

Rosamia Da Nang Hotel 4

Rosamia Da Nang Hotel 5

Sel de Mer Hotel & Suites.Sea Salt Suites

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 5 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 164
  • Opening year: 2019

Sel de Mer Hotel & Suites 1

Sel de Mer Hotel & Suites 2

Sel de Mer Hotel & Suites 3

Seaview Hotel: Unique design boutique

If you simply go to Danang beach to enjoy the holiday atmosphere of the world for two people, novel accommodation with a sense of design is a good choice. This type of accommodation has a relaxed and natural design style. You can choose general rooms or suites with living room space according to your budget. The commonality of the room types is the infinity pool with invincible views, and the convenient advantage that you can go directly to the beach across the road.

HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa.Haian Beach Hotel & Spa

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 212
  • Opening year: 2018

HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa 1

HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa 2

HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa 3

HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa 4

HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa 5

Chicland Hotel Da Nang.Chicland Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 150
  • Opening year: 2019

Chicland Hotel Da Nang 1

Chicland Hotel Da Nang 2

Chicland Hotel Da Nang 3

Chicland Hotel Da Nang 4

Chicland Hotel Da Nang 5

Sala Danang Beach Hotel.Sara Beach Hotel Danang

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 162
  • Opening year: 2019

Sala Danang Beach Hotel 1

Sala Danang Beach Hotel 2

Sala Danang Beach Hotel 3

Sala Danang Beach Hotel 4

Sala Danang Beach Hotel 5

Grand Gold Hotel.Grand Golden Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 110
  • Opening year: 2018

Grand Gold Hotel 1

Grand Gold Hotel 2

Grand Gold Hotel 3

Grand Gold Hotel 4

Grand Gold Hotel 5

Minh Toan Ocean Hotel.Mintoan Ocean Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 133
  • Opening year: 2020

Minh Toan Ocean Hotel 1

Minh Toan Ocean Hotel 2

Stella Maris Beach Danang.Stella Maris Beach Hotel Danang

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 97
  • Opening year: 2019

Stella Maris Beach Danang 1

Stella Maris Beach Danang 2

Stella Maris Beach Danang 3

Sunny Ocean Hotel & Spa.Sunny Ocean Hotel & Spa Danang

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 60
  • Opening year: 2019

Sunny Ocean Hotel & Spa 1

Sunny Ocean Hotel & Spa 2

Sunny Ocean Hotel & Spa 3

Grand Ocean Luxury Boutique.Ocean Luxury Boutique Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 50
  • Opening year: 2019

Grand Ocean Luxury Boutique 1

Grand Ocean Luxury Boutique 2

Grand Ocean Luxury Boutique 3

Havin Boutique Danang.Haven Boutique Hotel

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 80
  • Opening year: 2018

Havin Boutique Danang 1

Havin Boutique Danang 2

Salmalia Boutique Hotel & Spa.Samaria Boutique Hotel & Spa

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 41
  • Opening year: 2018

Salmalia Boutique Hotel & Spa 1

Salmalia Boutique Hotel & Spa 2

Serviced apartments: the first choice for family-friendly outings

Travelers who prefer to stay in serviced apartments prefer large-space accommodation with dining and living room functions, as well as a convenient kitchenette, which is very convenient especially for families traveling with elders and children.Serviced apartments in Da Nang are very common, and there are also many long-term small apartments to choose from. Many hotels along My Khe Beach will also plan apartment-style rooms at the same time.

Balcona Hotel Da Nang.Barona Hotel Danang

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: –
  • Opening year: 2018

Balcona Hotel Da Nang 1

Balcona Hotel Da Nang 2

Balcona Hotel Da Nang 3

Balcona Hotel Da Nang 4

Balcona Hotel Da Nang 5

Alisia Beach Hotel Da Nang.Alicia Beach Hotel Danang

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 70
  • Opening year: 2018

Alisia Beach Hotel Da Nang 1

Alisia Beach Hotel Da Nang 2

Alisia Beach Hotel Da Nang 3

Alisia Beach Hotel Da Nang 4

Alisia Beach Hotel Da Nang 5

Seashore Hotel – Apartment.Waterfront Hotel and Apartments

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 70
  • Opening year: 2018

Seashore Hotel-Apartment 1

Seashore Hotel-Apartment 2

Seashore Hotel-Apartment 3

Seashore Hotel-Apartment 4

Seashore Hotel-Apartment 5

Dana Residence.Dana Residence

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 20
  • Opening year: 2019

Dana Residence 1

Dana Residence 2

Dana Residence 3

CELINA HOTEL & APARTMENT.Celina Hotel & Apartments

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 50
  • Opening year: 2019




Cani Beach House.Carni Beachfront Apartments

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Star rating: 4 stars
  • Total number of rooms: 7
  • Opening year: 2018

Cani Beach House 1

Cani Beach House 2

Overview and location of the newly opened hotels in Da Nang

Da Nang is an emerging holiday resort in central Vietnam. It is very different from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi in North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam. The city is modern and novel, with river views and sea views. Many large international conferences will be held here. The International Fireworks Festival is held every summer, and there are a lot of new accommodation options every year, and those with relatively sufficient accommodation budgets, of course, give priority to the star-rated hotels in My Khe Beach and Blue Beach, and mark the location of the newly opened hotels in Da Nang. , For your reference when booking.

Taiwan’s newly established Star Airlines has launched three direct routes from Taipei to Macau, Penang, Malaysia, and Da Nang, Vietnam from January 2020, making it more and more convenient to travel to Da Nang for vacation!

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Introduction to the latest accommodations in Da Nang

Da Nang Reservation Questions and Answers

Accommodation options in Da Nang are concentrated in three areas: Haizhou County, Shancha County, and Wuxingshan County.Haizhou County is the center of Da Nang City and Da Nang International Airport. There are Camellia Peninsula and My Khe Beach in Shan Tra County, and Wuxing Mountain and Tangren Beach in Wuxingshan County. For detailed introduction, please refer toDa Nang Hotel Reservation Guide.

The east coast of Da Nang City is shaded by the Camellia Peninsula. The stretch of coastline has fine white sand and smooth waves. Five-star hotels gather at My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach.

  • My Khe Beach: It extends 6 kilometers from the Camellia peninsula to the south, and is connected to the Tangren Beach in the south. The entire beach is an open sea space. It is close to the scenic spots of Da Nang city. The hotel can overlook the dual beauty of the Han River and My Khe Beach. Setting up a high-altitude infinity pool|TOP 10 My Khe Beach Star Hotel
  • Tangren Beach: It starts from My Khe Beach in the north, and An Bang Beach and Gate Beach in the south. The coast is mostly occupied by five-star resorts. It has the advantages of landscape and convenience similar to private beaches. It is also the densest area of ​​five-star luxury resorts in Da Nang. The best choice for large-scale seminars and vacation meetings|TOP 10 Star Hotels in Tangren Beach


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