Shinsaibashi Shopping Street: Teach you to understand transportation, shopping seasons, selected stores and tax refunds

Osaka Shinsaibashi Shopping Street is an important part of my first Osaka-Kyoto travel book, which takes up 1/3 of the entire book. It introduces many shops, favorites, brand-name restaurants, etc., at that time, it was important for traveling in Japan. Without too many concepts, it is hard to imagine how much shopping here, and why everyone loves Saibashi so much?Now I finally understand!


How to get there: How to get to the Shinsaibashi Shopping Street?

The Shinsaibashi Shopping Street is located between Shinsaibashi Station and Namba Station. The former takes the subway Midosuji Line or Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line to get off at this station and walk to the shopping street.For the latter, take the subway Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line, or Yotsubashi Line and get off at Namba Station, which is also within walking distance.

However, you can see from the flat map below that there is a large area of ​​restaurants next to Shinsaibashi shopping street. The most convenient way is to choose hotels in this area. Every day you can walk to Shinsaibashi shopping street for shopping, eating/afternoon tea, and shopping. Go back to the hotel when you are happy.

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Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(64)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(2)


Shinsaibashi shopping street archives and store district map

The Shinsaibashi business district includes Midosuji, Shinsaibashisuji, Europe Street, etc. It is an area consisting of a vertical shopping street and a horizontal cross alley. There are more than 180 shops in it, which are popular among young people in Osaka and foreign tourists. One of the malls.The vertical Midosuji route runs through the entire business district, and is the only one in Osaka with an arched canopy. It gives tourists a comfortable shopping environment regardless of rain or shine. In addition, the official website of "Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street Promotion Association" also divides the retail area into 8 districts. Jurisdiction over stationed brands, easy for tourists to find.

Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(66)


Shinsaibashi shopping street twice a year for large-scale shopping discount seasons

The two discount seasons each year are January and July. The first week is the largest discount and the most complete product sizes. Some brands will reverse their discounts in the second and third weeks, even a few Whole Sale. common!In recent years, of course, many brand apparel have moved their manufacturing to China, Vietnam and other places. However, some Japanese brands still have Japanese-made products. Readers who want to grab a discount and have good quality, I recommend going to the discount season in Japan to start, the most cost-effective.There are no special discounts for the cosmeceutical section, but the competition in Shinsaibashi is fierce, and you can compare prices with each other after a few steps.

Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(38)

▲ It happened to be the summer discount season when shooting the subject.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(39)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(17)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(19)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(23)

▲ A lot of single product discounts are very low!


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(24)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(25)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(28)

▲ There are even children's.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(29)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(36)

▲ I met the promoters of the "Shinsaibashi Shopping Street Promotion Association", and I quickly took a photo of Little Burger.


Sharing of selected brands in Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

First of all, several famous carriers in the Shinsaibashi shopping street are separated from the beginning and the end, such as H&M, Uniqulo, Tommy Hilfiger, Pandora, The Body Shop, Zara, and there are brands such as Folli Follie and Jins in the middle. There were no such popular brands in Taiwan in the early days. If you come to Shinsaibashi, you must go in and scan the goods. However, Taiwan department stores have counters and the global pricing is almost the same. I would not recommend that you spend time on these brands, unless the discount is cheaper than Taiwan!

Let me choose some brands that Taiwan department store counters also have agents. Normal prices are a little cheaper in Japan. For example: Samantha Thavasa, Randa, Lowrys Farm, Onitsuka Tiger, Urban Research, agnès b (French brand), and enter the discounted post-season apparel. The biggest drop is for shoes and bags. There are special discounts for shoes and bags. Go to Taiwan counters to check the styles and prices before departure. Take advantage of the discounts in the first week to get the most cost-effective. Remember to check prices on both sides of the official website of Taiwan and Japan online.

In addition, the official website of the Shinsaibashi Shopping Street Promotion Association will introduce new stores every month, from cosmetics and skin care products, clothing accessories to gourmet restaurants. If you want to buy different loot than others, you must do your homework beforehand!The official website has a simplified Chinese version. If you want to know more information, you can go to the official website to dig treasures. This is a great praise for the Japanese people’s ability to compile travel information and know how to update the surrounding information on the official website, which will help foreign tourists to go. consumption. (► View official website)

Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(3)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(4)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(5)

▲ You can also take a look at the sunglasses.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(7)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(8)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(9)

▲ Discount plus tax's easy to lose heart.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(10)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(11)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(12)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(13)

▲ The Shinsaibashi shopping street has a roof, so you don’t have to worry about shopping on rainy days.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(14)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(15)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(16)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(18)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(20)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(21)

▲ The agnès b bag is practical, and the unit price is not expensive, so it is worth buying.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(22)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(26)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(27)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(30)

▲ Disney merchandise, but!There is no discount.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(31)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(32)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(33)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(34)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(35)

▲ Next, I will explain tax refund and tax exemption services to everyone.


Introduction of tax exemption and tax refund service in Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

Japan’s tax-free service is deeply in my heart. Unlike other countries’ lengthy tax refund process or long queues at airports, tax-free (5,000% consumption tax) is available as long as a single store and a total consumption of 8 yen is available, but not all stores have it. For duty-free services, such as a one-hundred-yuan store with a very low unit price, it is recommended to pay attention to whether the word "Tax Free" is posted on the counter or door of the store before starting. The official website of "Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street Promotion Association" divides the tax-free service of the shops in the shopping street into two. Let me explain as follows.

The first is that the "Tax Free" store directly gives tax-free prices. Foreign tourists who spend a total of 5,000 yen in a single store or a single day will issue a passport at the Tax Free counter. The service staff will assist in filling out the tax refund form. The transparent and non-openable bag is packed, and the clothing accessories are the general store packaging.At that time, everyone will tear off the tax refund form and return it at the airport customs inspection, and complete the simple tax refund process. For novice readers, it is easy to remember, convenient and not easy to make mistakes.

The other tax exemption mechanism is "Tax Refound". The store will still charge the price including consumption tax at checkout, but will give you the receipts and documents required for tax refund, so that you can go to another service counter to apply for tax refund and receive cash.The Japanese integrated the service process, so that tourists can buy and buy at shop A in Shinsaibashi shopping street, buy and buy at shop B, and go to the tax refund counter on the 4th floor of Daimaru Department Store South Building to apply for a tax refund. Only the counter will charge 1.1% of the product fee as a tax refund procedure. Fees, the actual tax refund amount is 6.9%. (► Daimaru Department Store Chinese Tax Refund Instructions)

Want to know which of the shops here are Tax Free?What is Tax Refound?The official website is very clearly marked! (► Check the official website tax refund instructions)

Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(40)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(41)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(42)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(43)

▲ You can also start with the limited items that sometimes appear.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(44)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(45)


Additional screening at the same scene: Daimaru Department Store British House Cafe

There are many desserts and gourmet restaurants along the way. Considering that the taste of small hamburgers should not be too heavy, the space on the site should have children's chairs and a little quiet rest. If he wants to take a nap after eating, he can directly calm down and fall asleep, so he transfers to Daimaru Department Store for food Look for the restaurant floor.Choose to come and go, I feel that the British house Cafe has a comfortable environment, and the dining atmosphere of the guests on site is quite good. The meal is Italian cuisine and it is not too salty, this is it!I chose a spaghetti, lasagna and dessert after dinner. The taste is medium and upper, and children can eat it without any problems. Now in retrospect, the most satisfying is the dessert. The fruit ice cream and red bean smoothie with pie crust are very special and delicious.

Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(6)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(37)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(46)

▲ Famous skewers.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(52)

▲ There are many choices on the gourmet floor of Daimaru Department Store.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(53)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(54)

▲ The afternoon tea restaurant with great atmosphere.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(55)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(56)

▲ The menu prices are at a glance.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(57)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(58)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(59)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(60)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(61)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(62)

▲ Delicious ice cream.


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(63)


List of surroundings of Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

If you take a hierarchical introduction in the travel book, the main shopping mall area has been explained, and the extensions include Amerikamura, Dotonbori, Namba, and even the famous street and Europe street that are not marked on the map. The richness of these places is enough to list one by one. Article introduction.Based on shopping itinerary planning, this area is enough to arrange three days and two nights, and it is absolutely fragile to buy. Many bloggers on the Internet have compiled a shopping map of Shinsaibashi, and selected more carefully which shops are good for shopping. It is recommended that novice readers finish reading this article first, and take those articles together with the concepts to ensure full harvest. (Appearance of famous tutors in cram school)

These surrounding areas are left for my next trip to collect materials, and I will write an article to share with you!

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Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(65)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(50)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(51)

▲ There are many gourmet restaurants in Dotonbori, the most well-known is Ichiran Ramen. (Of course there are more famous, but everyone is Ai Yilan)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(47)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(48)


Osaka Shopping Mall Shinsaibashi(49)

▲ If you are also taking a photo with this famous landmark, please share it with me. :)



◎ Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street
– Address: 〒542-0085 Shinsaibashisuji XNUMX-chome XNUMX-XNUMX, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
– Phone: +81 6-7668-4600
– Official website:


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