🛍️Must buy in Germany in 2024?Unboxing and experience with 35 trophies brought back by free travel

Do you plan to buy anything during this trip to Germany? Is this the spoils loaded in Rimowa's suitcase?With the help of friends in the same industry, they have no choice but to do their homework too well (the must-buy list in Germany is long). For example, the famous German brands WMF, Duo Brand, Bailing Oil, DM various products, stewardess pots, etc., while buying, tell us which ones You can bring them back, unknowingly, and let me count and sort out the prodigal information for you one by one!

㊙️2024 Pop-up German Supermarket Recommendations

This time I flew to Frankfurt for flash shopping in the local area. My sister brought back these which are easy to use and only cost 1 or 2 euros. They are worth buying when you go to Germany and bring them back to Taiwan as gifts or for your own use. Take gummy bears as an example. The homogeneity includes dinosaurs. , Blue Elf, made of natural ingredients, children can eat it once in a while.In addition, such as children's toothbrushes, toothpaste, daily necessities, or bath salts, small strips of hair conditioner, etc., you must buy a bunch of them at the copper plate price.

2023 must-buy in Germany

2023 must-buy in Germany

2023 must-buy in Germany

2023 must-buy in Germany

2023 must-buy in Germany

⭐ Start a group by yourself!Good things to recommend in Germany

I couldn’t go abroad during the epidemic. Later, I asked a friend living in Germany to help me buy it for me. I realized that there are still these good things in Germany. They are not only very effective, but also very affordable. Know when there is an opportunity to go to Germany to replenish the goods, and organize relevant information for your reference.

German Octenisept wound disinfection and healing spray 50ml

  • One of the favorite products of German mothers, specially designed and developed for babies
  • There is no need to use a cotton swab to dip in the disinfectant. Spray it directly on the wound at a distance of about 10cm. You can spray it on the wound several times a day
  • Painless formula reduces the burning sensation of the wound, colorless, odorless and non-irritating
  • Applicable: Mosquito bites broken skin, scalds, burns, frostbite, cuts, emergency treatment of wounds
  • Objects: Infants over 1 year old, children and adults, pregnant women and breastfeeding period can also be used

Must-buy in Germany

Germany Mivolis Magnesium Ingot 60pcs

  • Magnesium is an essential trace element for maintaining body functions and helps maintain normal energy metabolism
  • Helps calcium to be fully utilized and helps reduce the incidence of osteoporosis
  • Contains 400mg magnesium

Must-buy in Germany

German Abtei children's vitamin D3 oral tablet 50 tablets

  • Specifically developed for children with the ideal amount of vitamin D for children's needs (400 IU/day)
  • Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is an essential nutrient for normal growth and bone development in children
  • Helps calcium absorption, normal development of bones and teeth, and maintains a healthy immune system
  • It melts quickly on the tongue directly, and it is a delicious lemon flavor
  • Suitable for children over 4 years old; consumption method: 1 tablet per day, before or with meals

Must-buy in Germany

German Doppelherz Double Heart Lutein Eye Care Capsules - Day and Night Enhanced Version 30 Capsules

  • Add vitamin zinc and blueberry extract
  • Dosage: One tablet a day

Pushing experience: Now surrounded by 3C products every day, the eyes age very quickly, and Taiwanese people use computers or mobile phones for about 8 hours a day on average, and they generally suffer from floaters, which are windows to the soul, so they must be well maintained!In addition, the price of this brand of lutein is super affordable. At that time, everyone bought 3 or 4 boxes directly.

Must-buy in Germany

Mivolis Vitamin-Bärchen Children's Multivitamin Gummy Bears (60 capsules)

  • Containing multiple vitamins, it is tailor-made for children by German nutrition experts!Does not contain sucrose, parents can rest assured that their babies can eat
  • 100% of the ingredients contain the daily intake of various vitamins for children recommended by the German Nutrition Institute
  • Especially suitable for picky eaters, poor appetite, snacks, etc.

Must-buy in Germany

➡️Preparation beforehand: What are the German brands? Which ones are made locally in Germany? Or designed in another country and made in Germany?

After studying and working in the department store industry in the past, I generally know which German brands some famous fashion products are, but if you return to lifestyle products, you probably need to keep inquiring about information like you.Why focus on "German Brands"?

The reason is the same as that we like to go shopping in Japan. Germans' rigorous personality is no less than that of Japanese in manufacturing products. Many craft brands with more than XNUMX years of craftsmanship have personally contacted these products when visiting the store, and they can see that the manufacturing process and the finished product strive for perfection. .Initially list some well-known German brands, I believe some of you will be surprised "What? This is a German brand!"

  • Fashion boutique: AIGNER, HUGO BOSS, Escada, Lagerfeld (Chanel Galeries Lafayette's own brand), Montblanc, Nomos (watches), Rimowa, Y-3 (a collaboration between Japanese design brand Yohji Yamamoto and adidas)
  • Sports brands: adidas, puma, Völkl (sports equipment)
  • Shoe brands: Birkenstock, Gabor (also the largest shoe manufacturer in Europe)
  • Photography brands: Agfa, Carl Zeiss, Leica
  • Daily necessities: ARTDECO (Germany top cosmetic care brand), Douglas (makeup brand), Doliva (olive oil products), NIVEA, Wella, Schwarzkopf, sebamed, Persil German laundry detergent brand)
  • Children's supplies: Columbus (children’s daily necessities; acquired by China), Fixies (diaper brand), HIPP (xibao; baby food), kiddy (child safety seat), STM (child safety seat), RECARO (child safety seat) Safety seat), PLAE (founded by Ryan Ringholz, former design director of puma)
  • Household products: Allmilmo (large kitchen appliances), BOSCH (kitchen appliances), fissler (pots and utensils), Meissen (top porcelain), nobilia Küchen (large kitchenware), WMF, Wüsthof (trident), ZWILLING (double brand)
  • Underwear brands: Falke (a top-level underwear brand, which has extended a variety of clothing styles), Triumph (Triumph; covers the sub-brand Laidasi, etc.)

When buying, you can ask the clerk about the place of manufacture. Some even indicate it directly. For example, Rimowa is marked in the luggage and made in Canada; some of the three-pointed knives are made in Germany for quality assurance, and the LE CORDON BLEU series knives are blue belts. The Culinary Academy specifies the use of knives, so which ones are made in Germany must be bought. In fact, you can find them on the Internet or in travel books.

Of course, there are some non-German brands that are made in Germany. Bodum is a well-known Danish brand of tea sets, coffee and daily life. It has won the German Red Dot Award and is manufactured locally. In addition, there is a price difference with Taiwan’s agent sales. Trip also carried some back.

✅18 days of free travel in Germany, what loot did you bring back?

Passengers travelling in Emirates Economy Class have a 30 kg and hand luggage allowance per person. Originally, Wendy and I were carrying about 40 kg of luggage on the way there. There is also a 20 kg luggage allowance for the return journey, deducting the original luggage allowance. There are 5 kilograms, and the remaining 16 kilograms are full of ten!In addition, there are also the first-hand products bought during the transfer at Frankfurt Airport and Dubai Airport in Germany. I will introduce and explain to you one by one, so that when you go to play, you can buy it as much as I am happy. (>///<)

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Rimowa Topas Sport Medium Sport Four-Wheel Suitcase

  • Starting price: 711.5 euros
  • Tax rebate price: 632.5 euros
  • Where to buy: Gabler – Tradition in Leder seit 1877

Pushing the pit experience: This photo is the appearance after I shipped it back, there is no wear or dent, mainly because the luggage cover (elastic cloth material) I brought on the return trip was covered on it. I didn't expect it to be pretty good. I went home and checked There is no damage, just wipe it a little and it is very clean!This coffee suitcase is really easy to push, and it is indeed heavier than another material. I remind myself that if I take it to Japan for use, I may not pack too much Asaburu, so as not to be too heavy.

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Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Germany Bailing Oil (China Oel)

  • Starting price: 41 euros (5 bottles)
  • Tax rebate price: 38 euros
  • Where to buy: Pharmacy on the lower level of Frankfurt Station

Push pit experience: Bailing oil is probably the most well-known German brand?Ha ha!Because my colleague next to my seat also had a jar. Whether it is used to smell and refresh the mind, dropped into water orally or smeared on the forehead, it seems to be able to relieve various minor ailments of people. No wonder it has the title of "Bailing". !So I agreed to help an aunt, designer, and mother-in-law buy it on their behalf. After all, the price is much lower than that of online purchasing, so they can save some money and use better things.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

ThermaCare air heat 8HR long-lasting heat compress

  • Starting price: 0
  • Tax rebate price: 0
  • Where to buy: From the product promotion staff of the German National Railways

Pushing the pit experience: After I came back, I checked that it is an American hot compress. I opened it the day before yesterday and tried it out. It has strips on both sides that can be fixed on the shoulders. It is similar to the principle of the warm pack. Fatigue and soreness are relatively mild compared with general medicinal patches, but if you want to relieve pain quickly, it is better to buy Japanese products.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

German flower and fruit tea bags

  • Starting price: 2.45 euros / box
  • Tax rebate price: same as above
  • Where to buy: Germany DM shopping mall

Pushing experience: We once bought German fruit tea to drink, and the sweet and sour taste is very good. This time, I bought three different flavors of tea bags at DM and came back to have a look. There are 20 small bags in a box. The unit price is only 4 yuan, which is quite cost-effective.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

German DM brand Das gesunde Plus foam tablet

  • Starting price: 0.45 euros / piece
  • Tax rebate price: same as above
  • Where to buy: Germany DM shopping mall

Pushing experience: The two tubes are black currant flavor (purple) and orange flavor (orange). I have drunk it before. Just throw a foaming tablet into 300ml of water and drink it up in a short time!Some people like to drink sparkling water, and it seems to taste good when added to it. Unfortunately, I am not sensitive to sparkling water.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

alverde Natural Goji Q10 Cleansing Cleansing Oil, Shiba Spray Body Lotion, Dove DermaSpa Body Oil

  • Starting price: 3.95, 2.25, 6.95 euros
  • Tax rebate price: same as above
  • Where to buy: Germany DM shopping mall

Pushing the pit experience: Everyone usually buys alverde ampoules, but I saw that this cleansing oil, in addition to containing Q10, uses organic and natural ingredients as the main product, so I want to buy it and use it.There are not many products in Dove in Taiwan at present. This light blue body massage oil has a fresh and comfortable taste. It is also the same as a white mouse to help you try it out, and then announce the experience to the fan group. (Shiba will not say much, and will add it later.)

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

▲ alverde Natural Goji Berry Q10 Cleansing Oil, Shiba Spray Body Fragrance, Dove DermaSpa Body Oil (from left to right)

Nivea Q10 CC Cream

  • Starting price: 5.25 euros
  • Tax rebate price: same as above
  • Where to buy: Germany DM shopping mall

Pushing the pit experience: I have not taken sun protection or night care very seriously when I travel abroad in these years. It is conceivable that tanning and uneven skin tone are all conceivable, so I saw that this CC cream has SPF15, UVA protection, and Q10 ingredients, anti-wrinkle, After you buy it, you can take it with you on your next trip to Thailand. You can reapply it with you to prevent UV rays. The color is a slightly whiter color, which is closer to the color of your neck. (En! The face is darker than the neck ~ woo woo)

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Kur & 7 Tage Wellness Kur (Ampoule)

  • Starting price: 4.45 euros
  • Tax rebate price: same as above
  • Where to buy: Germany DM shopping mall

Pushing experience: the blue-packaged ampoule on the left is mainly composed of plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, which are used for moisturizing and firming and lifting; the purple-packaged ampoule on the right is a treatment-type product, with a weekly dose, and the first two days are Soothing, moisturizing ampoules on the third to fifth days, and anti-wrinkle ampoules on the last two days. (What a sophisticated product!)

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Cadeavera CV Vital 35+ Eye Cream

  • Starting price: Family gift
  • Tax rebate price:-
  • Where to buy:-

Push pit experience: Cadeavera is a well-known German skin care product brand. This eye cream contains Q10 and anti-wrinkle ingredients. It is a product developed for 35-year-old women who are young and mature. They also have products for other ages to try. Watch and choose.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

bebe Young Care Lip Balm, Argan Oil Hand & Nail Cream

  • Starting price: Family gift
  • Tax rebate price:-
  • Where to buy:-

Tips: Bebe Young Care is a sub-brand of Johnson & Johnson. It mainly targets young women aged 14-29. This lip balm has a variety of styles. The family chooses the most pinky and moisturizing one! Handsan has produced a variety of hand creams with different functions, including XNUMX% urea moisturizing, silky milk protein, and argan oil hand cream. Argan oil is a developed ingredient for nails and hands, conditioning damaged nails and moisturizing For dry skin.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

WC Frisch active toilet wall-mounted toilet ball

  • Starting price: 1.55 euros / piece
  • Tax rebate price: same as above
  • Where to buy: Germany DM shopping mall

Pushing the pit experience: This is the product of the Henkel Group mentioned above. A friend highly recommended this toilet ball to us at the Rewe supermarket in Cologne. It smells very good. Several models, and the active ingredients contained in them can also effectively prevent the formation of limescale.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Knorr Knoblauch Sauce Onion Salad Dressing

  • Starting price: 0.99 euros
  • Tax rebate price:-
  • Where to buy: Rewe supermarket

Push pit experience: I have always liked eating onions, and I have been obsessed with the onion salad dressing in the NY bagel menu. This time I often use this sauce when I eat in Germany. I decided to bring a can back to eat. Rewe supermarket has it. There are many brands of onion salad dressing, considering that the jar should not be too big to take up luggage space, the first time I bought it, I tried it first, so I picked a small bottle, and I hope it is delicious! (wiping saliva)

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Ritter Sport Chocolate, Niederegger Chocolate

  • Starting price: 18.9, 12.5 euros
  • Tax rebate price:-
  • Where to buy: Frankfurt Airport Duty Free Shop

Pushing pit experience: Ritter Sport chocolate is also recommended by friends in the same industry. It is sold in major supermarkets. It is packaged in different colors and flavors. Most of them are sold in bulk and in single pieces. Come back and invite Wendy's colleagues to eat!Another Niederegger chocolate is a product that I saw introduced by bloggers and knew that it was co-branded with Rimowa luggage, and I thought it was also worth bringing back with me.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Haribo Gummies

  • Starting price: Beer mug shape 10.9 euros, yellow packaging 3.7 euros
  • Tax rebate price:-
  • Where to buy: Heidelberg Fudge Store, Frankfurt Airport Duty Free Shop

Push pit experience: Gummy bears are made of various fruit flavors. Friends say that this is the best gummy, and I hope to buy it back for friends and colleagues to eat; the beer mug shape kills two birds with one stone, you can eat both gummies and I can bring a beer mug back to commemorate it, so I bought it at the specialty store.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Limoncino, Pallini Limoncello Limoncello

  • Starting price: Beer mug shape 10.9 euros, yellow packaging 3.7 euros
  • Tax rebate price: a total of 39.9 euros
  • Where to buy: Dubai Airport

Pushing experience: I once interviewed a travel writer for work. She entertained us to drink her own lemonade. The aroma of lemon matches the sweetness and not sour taste. I have always remembered it in my heart, but when we chatted at the time, she also said that she would go back to Taiwan. It can no longer be brewed, because it has to use the Italian specialty yellow lemon, which is hand-peeled after harvesting, and is made by adding sugar and soaking in wine during the brewing process.Frankfurt Airport sells Limoncino (on the left), I originally wanted to buy it. I was worried that I would not be able to bring it into the customs when I transited to Dubai for customs inspection. I gave up... I was also a little disappointed.And there is another brand Pallini Limoncello, direct payment to pay!

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

WMF Oil Tank with Stainless Steel Soap

  • Starting price: 45.9 euros in total
  • Tax rebate price: 42.9 euros
  • Where to buy: WMF store in Frankfurt

Pushing the pit experience: WMF, a German kitchenware brand, is quite popular in Taiwan. Friends have bought a lot of them. In addition, the specialty store has launched a super discount of buy three for two. I decided to pick some small kitchenware items and return to Taiwan. The two types of jars are oil and vinegar jars. There are air holes at the back of the jars, and they will not be poured out when pressed, which is very special.On the right hand side is the stainless steel soap recommended by many bloggers. Germany developed stainless steel material. After wetting your hands, rub it repeatedly, and the odor will be swept away.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Wüsthof (three-pronged brand) knife, Victorinox (Swiss Vickers) small knife

  • Starting price: 270.8 euros in total
  • Tax rebate price: 242.8 euros
  • Where to buy: Die Schaulade GmbH, Frankfurt

Pushing the pit: This is a ceramics store in Frankfurt. It was found by a friend by searching. The main reason is that they have been looking for the latest white handle series of Wüsthof (three fork) knives. The store has a wide variety of kitchenware products, including the latest white-handled knives!I bought a knife with them, and I also wanted to give one to my mother-in-law to use. The knife used by her old man was dull and hard to use. After I bought it, the knife was really good and sharp. I immediately wanted to eliminate the original knife at home!The Victorinox knife at the bottom of the photo was also bought by a friend who said it was useful. When traveling abroad... I really need a bad friend. (mask face)

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Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Bodum cold water bottle, PAVINA double glass, fresh-keeping jar, spoon

  • Starting price: 70.8 euros in total
  • Tax rebate price: 65.8 euros
  • Where to buy: Cologne Bodum store

Pushing the pit experience: I have seen Geyou introduce Bodum's main product - double-layer glass. I have been looking at it. I think the line is so beautiful and I want to buy it, but the price is too high to start. Although I have been arguing with Wendy to go shopping when I came to Germany, I couldn't find any place for sale, until I stumbled upon this specialty store while shopping in the center of Cologne. It has a complete range of products!On the contrary, my friend was pushed by me and bought a bunch of Bodum products back to Taiwan! (laugh)

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Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Räder Design Lichthaus

  • Starting price: 16.95 euros
  • Tax rebate price:-
  • Where to buy: Cologne Kaufhof department store

Pushing the pit experience: This lamp holder is designed with the appearance of a German private house. The material feels a little rocky to the touch. It is separated from the base and placed in a scented candle, which has a great atmosphere and commemorative value. It is said that if you want to apply for a tax refund, you have to collect some more goods up to 25 euros before you can get a tax refund, that's all.

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Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

German Rommelsbacher Stewardess Pot

  • Starting price: 69.95 euros
  • Tax rebate price: 64.95 euros
  • Where to buy: Tripidi store below Terminal XNUMX at Frankfurt Airport

Pushing experience: I once went to Japan to enjoy cherry blossoms for 2 weeks. In order to make it easier for my vegetarian father-in-law to dine, Wendy bought a pot similar to the stewardess pot in Taiwan for him to use. This time, I also brought it to Germany, but the voltage was different. It came in handy, a friend said that the stewardess pot he bought was very useful, but after asking a lot of places, it was not sold, otherwise it would be too expensive, until I found this Tripidi shop, so that it would be very convenient to go abroad in the future, you can have a The pot cooks noodles and soup by itself.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany


  • Starting price: 119 euros
  • Tax rebate price:-
  • Where to buy: Stuttgart MILANEO shopping center

Pushing the pit experience: I have been crazy about the brand Swarovski for a long time, and I feel that I can buy design accessories with an ideal budget. In addition, their previous spokesperson was Miranda Kerr, and some of the sets she designed are also very good-looking. I think Come to Germany to see what items are available.In the photo, I have been looking for the style of the emerald-cut ring for a long time. I like emerald-cut gemstones very much. I think it is more classical than round diamonds and love cuts. , I didn't expect to find it here. The price is indeed cheaper than the price in Taiwan. I'm very happy to buy it.

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany


  • Starting price: 400.9 euros
  • Tax rebate price: 355.9 euros
  • Where to buy: Kaufhof department store in Munich

Push pit experience: I will start watching Pandora's accessories, starting from reading the introduction of the flower monkey's article, and can personalize it to form a bracelet of my own. Every year, new beads and accessories are launched, which is simply murdering the wallet!Later, occasionally my sister would buy it for me when I flew to Europe and the United States. The price is cheaper than the price in Taiwan, so it’s more important to travel to Germany by myself!First, I picked up a catalogue in a specialty store in Cologne. After I slowly selected the accessories I wanted to see, I went to the department store and directly asked the counter lady to give it to me to try. The number of pieces to buy and the price don't stop there.Later, I will introduce the collection and price comparison of Swarovski and Pandora in a special article, remember to watch too!

Shopping Sharing, Shopping in Germany - Free Travel in Germany

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Q&A: Precautions for shopping in Germany

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