❇️Tokyo Hotel Recommendations|Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku: Newly renovated guest rooms and dining service projects

Tokyu Stay Nishi-Shinjuku has undergone renovations and equipment upgrades since its opening 14 years ago. All rooms are equipped with microwaves and washing machines, meeting the accommodation needs of families and long-stayers. It also provides convenient transportation and high cost performance. accommodation options. (🔎Reservation price and guest reviews:agoda|booking.com)

📂Quick understanding: Basic introduction to Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Nishi-Shinjuku Tokyu STAY opened in 2010. After a new renovation, it reopened on March 2024, 3. The guest rooms are equipped with wider beds, microwaves and washing machines are equipped in all rooms, and a new dining space and service model are also created. Located in Near Nishi-Shinjuku-gochome Station.

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Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

🛏️What room type is recommended? Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku room selection

  • Medium double room: 15㎡, 33 rooms, 1 double bed, 2 people
  • Comfort double room: 16㎡, 63 rooms, 1 large bed, 2 people
  • Residential double rooms: 19㎡, 32 rooms, 1 double bed, 2 people
  • Residential twin room: 21㎡, 10 rooms, 2 single beds, 2 people
  • Corner double room: 23㎡, 5 rooms, 1 large bed, 2 people
  • Residential family room: 34㎡, 4 rooms, 2 single beds + 2 sofa beds, 4 people
  • Terrace room: 23㎡, 1 room, 1 double bed, 2 people

Nishi-Shinjuku Tokyu STAY has 149 rooms in total. After the new renovation, all the original single rooms have been upgraded to medium-sized double rooms. All room types are equipped with double-layer refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and other equipment, except for medium-sized double rooms and comfortable double rooms. In addition, other larger room types are equipped with mini kitchens.

Tokyu STAY has packed in convenient facilities such as microwaves and washing machines in the limited business room space. It has also specially launched a four-person family room with a sofa bed, and also launched a new service item of optional shower heads to provide a more comfortable shower space. (🔎Reservation price and guest reviews:agoda|booking.com)

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Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

🍽️What services are provided? Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku’s breakfast and public facilities

Nishi-Shinjuku Tokyu STAY has been renovated to create a new dining and leisure space. It provides a combination breakfast set, as well as healthy and readily available light meals and dinners. There is also a smoking room in the hotel to assist in the non-smoking of all hotel rooms. policy.

Tokyu STAY will take the lead in Tokyo in December 2023Aoyama PREMIERThe branch has launched a new "Stay Morning+" breakfast service, which provides a combination of Japanese and Western-style suites that can be brought back to the room to be heated and enjoyed. You can also choose the type of rice and have it cooked in the room.

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Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku

🚖How to get there by car? Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku traffic information and surrounding environment

Tokyu STAY is located between Nishi-Shinjuku-200-chome Station and Tocho-mae Station on the Oedo Line. It is a 1-meter walk from the hotel to the AXNUMX Exit of Nishi-Shinjuku-XNUMX-chome Station. The location is close to the lush Shinjuku Central Park. The surrounding area is also a residential community with a simple environment.

Next to Tokyu STAY is a McDonald's fast food and drug store. 7-11 and FamilyMart are within a 100-meter walk. After walking through Shinjuku Central Park, it isTokyo Metropolitan Government Observatory, you can climb to the 45th-floor observation deck for free and overlook Tokyo’s high-altitude cityscape and sunset.

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Shinjuku Station Access Map

▲ Nishi-Shinjuku Tokyu STAY is adjacent to Nishi-Shinjuku 5-chome Station on the Oedo Line, and across Shinjuku Central Park is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. (source:Tokyo Tourism Foundation)

🏨In-depth understanding: Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku’s brand story

Tokyu Resorts & Stays was founded in 1979 by Tokyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. and is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo. It owns TOKYU STAY, TOKYU, and Tokyu Harvest Club. (TOKYU HARVEST CLUB), golf resorts, ski resorts and other brand series, also engaged in villa management, restaurants, shops, hot spring facilities, nursing homes and other businesses.

TOKYU STAY is a hotel that focuses on the concept of "home and hotel functions". The biggest feature is that all rooms are equipped with a mini kitchen and an all-in-one washing and drying machine, providing accommodation options suitable for medium and long-term stay. Most of the locations are located in convenient transportation. Around the station, Tokyo has the most service bases, especially Shibuya and Shinjuku on the west side of Tokyo, and has gradually expanded to Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa, Tohoku and other places.

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Shinjuku East Ward Tokyu STAY Hotel Brand Identity Logo

▶️Video introduction: Tokyu STAY Nishi-Shinjuku unboxing video

Tokyu Stay Nishi-Shinjuku・Tokyu Stay Nishi-Shinjuku・Tokyu Stay Nishi-Shinjuku

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Phone: +81 3 33701090
  • Official website: https://www.tokyustay.co.jp/hotel/NS/
  • 地址:〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿5-9-8

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