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Travelers who love to read and become obsessed, do you miss the 24-hour Taipei Dunnan Eslite? The LAMP LIGHT BOOKS HOTEL fukuoka, which opened at the end of 2021, has a 24-hour bookstore inside the hotel. Whether you are a resident or not, you can come here late at night to enjoy the reading atmosphere accompanied by the aroma of coffee. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com)

Basic introduction to Hotel Longlep Hotel Fukuoka

LAMP LIGHT BOOKS HOTEL fukuoka officially opened on December 2021, 12. The library-themed hotel brand under Solare Hotels and Resorts has become the nextNagoya,SapporoThe third base is located in the Fukuoka Tenjin business district, 600 meters from the hotel to the Tenjin Underground Street.

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Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Room Choices at Hotel Long Lepco Fukuoka

  • Standard double room: 14㎡, 1 double bed, 2 people
  • Standard twin room: 16㎡, 2 single beds, 2 people
  • Medium double room: 16㎡, 1 double bed, 2 people
  • Medium twin room: 16㎡, 2 single beds, 2 people
  • Superior bunk bed room: 17㎡, 1 queen bed + 1 loft bed, 3 people
  • Barrier-free room: 22㎡, 1 double bed + 1 loft bed, 3 people

Fukuoka Long Lap Hotel is an 8-storey building built in Xinxin. It provides 104 double/twin and triple rooms with a warm and simple design style, but the room space is quite limited, and it will be difficult to spread large luggage. However, the advantage of the new building is that the bathroom is designed for dry and wet separation and independent compartments.

Fukuoka Ronlai Pukeshi Hotel adopts the room type of bunk beds. Although it can provide a room layout for three people, when three adults stay, the activity space is quite limited. It is more suitable for a parent-child family with one child. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com)

Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Public facilities at Hotel Ron Lap Hotel Fukuoka

There is a 24-hour bookstore and cafe on the first floor of the Fukuoka Longlep Hotel. It displays 4,000 books, mainly travel and mystery novels, and serves the Norwegian brand FUGLEN coffee and Hakata local beer, as well as sandwiches, Desserts and other light meals are served, and breakfast is a guest-only set of freshly baked bread and coffee.

Fukuoka Long Lap Ke Shi is a standard Japanese-style chain business hotel specification. In the case of limited room space, the characteristics of public areas have become more important. Travelers who like to read will love this book full of books and coffee. The theme hotel, there is also an open-air balcony on the second floor, which is suitable for enjoying a leisurely afternoon reading time.

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Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

Fukuoka Longlep Hotel

The brand story of Hotel Longlep Hotel Fukuoka

Solare Hotels and Resorts was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Its main business is property management, hotel management and development consulting. It owns Chisun, the square, LOISIR, HATAGO INN, hotel androoms, LAMP LIGHT BOOKS and other hotel brands. .

LAMP LIGHT BOOKS HOTEL is a library-themed design hotel. The brand identity symbol is a book. There will be a 24-hour bookstore open to the outside world, and a coffee shop will serve coffee, beer and light food. , as well as books and book-related miscellaneous goods.

Solare Hotels and Resorts Portfolio

▲ Solare is a Japanese local hotel group, and the hotels in Okinawa area are mainly based on the LOISIR brand.

LAMP LIGHT BOOKS HOTEL fukuoka・ランプライトブックスホテル Fukuoka

  • Reservation:agoda discount rate|booking.com
  • Phone: +81 92 7207711
  • Official website: https://www.lamplightbookshotel.com/
  • 地址:〒810-0041 福岡県福岡市中央區大名1丁目15-22

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