❇️Sapporo Hotel Recommendation|Sapporo Custom Hotel: Boutique Design Japanese Business Hotel

The newly opened Bespoke Hotel Sapporo in 2021 is a boutique hotel that combines design and art. It breaks away from the unified style of traditional Japanese chain business hotels and lacks surprises, but it also has the characteristics of small room space and convenient transportation. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com|HotelsCombined)

Basic introduction to Sapporo Custom Hotel

Bespoke Hotel Sapporo will officially open for business in 2021. It belongs to the boutique business hotel brand of Japan's NHJC Hotel Group.

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Sapporo Custom Hotel

Room Choices at Sapporo Bespoke Hotel

  • Corner Double Room: 20㎡, 11 rooms in total, 1 king bed, 2 people
  • Superior double room: 20㎡, 20 rooms in total, 1 king bed, 2 people
  • Standard triple room: 20/21㎡, 67 rooms in total, 3 single beds, 3 people
  • Double room with double bed: 20㎡, 22 rooms in total, 1 king bed, 2 people
  • Standard twin room: 20㎡, 4 rooms in total, 2 single beds, 2 people
  • General room: 22㎡, 1 room in total, 1 double bed, 2 people

Sapporo Custom Hotel is a 13-storey building built in Quanxin. The room space is unified to 20-22 square meters. It provides 125 double and triple room types. The number of triple rooms is the largest. The rooms belong to Japanese-style chain business hotels. Small space, with a simple design to provide a relatively refreshing living space.

Although the room space of the Sapporo Custom Hotel is not large, it provides a variety of styles of space utilization through design ingenuity. The walls are decorated with unique number patterns for each room, and the bathroom equipment and design are also modern Japanese designs. (🔎Reservation price and guest evaluation:agoda|booking.com|HotelsCombined)

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Public facilities of Sapporo Bespoke Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel is a boutique design hotel that combines art and culture. The high-rise reception hall on the first floor is like a boutique store, and the second floor is equipped with a complex multi-functional space combining restaurants, lounges and work areas, providing 07:00- Breakfast is served at 10:00, and after 11:00 until midnight, it is a shared space where guests can freely use.

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Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel

Traffic environment of Sapporo custom hotel

Sapporo Custom Hotel is located near 300-chome on the east side of Sapporo Tanikoji Shopping Street. It is located between Odori Station and Hosui Susukino Station of the Sapporo Subway Toho Line. It is a 450-meter walk to the west where the Sapporo Subway and streetcars meet. Tanukikoji Station.In addition, you can walk XNUMX meters to the Limousine Bus Stop next to Susukino Station to New Chitose Airport.

Sapporo Custom Hotel is located in Sapporo Tanikoji Shopping Street 1-chome. There are many gourmet restaurants around the block where the hotel is located. There is also a nearby restaurant that will just open in 2023.AOAO SAPPORO Aquarium, the Tanukikoji Shopping Street, which spans 7 blocks from east to west, is home to a variety of gourmet restaurants, convenience supermarkets and shops. It is very convenient to go shopping and buy snacks.

Sapporo City Odori Park and Tanukikoji sightseeing map

▲ Tanukikoji Store and Odori Park run parallel to each other from east to west, becoming the core tourist attractions in Sapporo. (source:Sapporo Tourism Association)

The brand story of Sapporo Bespoke Hotel

NHJC (Nest Hotel Japan Corporation) hotel group was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Naha, Okinawa. It was originally invested by Singapore IPC and authorized the Nest hotel brand to NHJC. It owns 17 hotel brands including bespoke hotel, Nest hotel and nest HOTEL. Stronghold, and a Tissage brand hotel stronghold.

The bespoke hotel brand focuses on boutique hotels that combine design and art, seeking to escape the rigid and lack of surprise design style of traditional Japanese chain business hotels, and provide a chain business hotel accommodation atmosphere with a sense of design and uniqueness. All are located in the bustling commercial center of the big city.

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Unboxing video of Sapporo Custom Hotel

Sapporo custom hotel. Bespoke Hotel Sapporo・ビスポークホテルSapporo

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Sapporo's newest accommodation introduction

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