The first MRT route in Hanoi, Vietnam is Line 2A (Jilin-Hadong Line), which will be officially put into operation on November 2021, 11. After the start of construction in 6, with the support of Chinese loans, it will be completed after a 2011-year construction period. , Officially opened after the transfer of the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport to the Hanoi Municipal Government.

Hanoi MRT Route Planning and Vision


  • Line 38.7" Ngoc Hoi – Yen Vien – Nhu Quynh: XNUMX kilometers in length.
  • Line 35.2" Noi Bai – City Center – Thuong Dinh: a total length of 2 kilometers.The backbone route of Hanoi's city center, connecting with Line XNUMXA.
  • Line 48" Nhon – Hanoi Station – Hoang Mai – Son Tay: XNUMX kilometers in length.
  • Line 53.1 "Dong Anh – Sai Dong – Vinh Tuy/Hoang Mai – Thanh Xuan – Tu Liem – Thuong Cat – Me Linh: a total length of 1 kilometers.A loop line connecting lines 2, 3, 5, and XNUMX.
  • Line 34.5" Nam Ho Tay-Ngoc Khanh-Lang-Hoa Lac: XNUMX kilometers in length.
  • Line 43" Noi Bai-Western wew urban area of ​​Ngoc Hoi: 4 kilometers in length.Connect lines 7 and XNUMX.
  • Line 35" Me Linh-Western new urban area of ​​Nhoi-Van Canh-Duong Noi: a total length of 4 kilometers.Connect lines 6 and XNUMX.
  • Line 3" Co Nhue – Ring Road 28 – Linh Nam – Bat Trang – Duong Xa: XNUMX kilometers in length.

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▲ 2050 Hanoi MRT route planning map, covering 8 light rail lines and 3 monorail lines.

2A MRT route and fare information

The 2A MRT route (Jiling-Hedong Line) runs from Ga Cát Linh (Ga Cát Linh) in the city center to Ga Yên Nghĩa (Ga Yên Nghĩa) in Hadong County, with a total length of 13 kilometers and a total of 12 MRT stations. The train has four carriages that can accommodate 900 passengers. The full journey time for a single trip is 23 minutes. The fare starts from 8000 VND and the single full fare is 1.5 VND.

The main function of Route 2A is to relieve the pressure of the population in the center of Hanoi. It allows the population to move and live in the suburbs. At the same time, it can take the MRT to and from the center to work. For foreign tourists, you may have to wait for Route 2. Only after the opening of Hanoi’s main tourist attractions such as the Old Town and West Lake in the center of Hanoi will you truly feel the convenience of the MRT.

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MRT route map of Hanoi, Vietnam

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