The Fairmont Ambassador Seoul officially opened on February 2021, 2. The Korean Ambassador Hotel Group cooperated with French Accor Hotel Group to introduce the luxury class Fairmont (Fairmont) brand under the Accor Group for the first time. Yeouido, the political and commercial center of Seoul.

A quick tour of the Fairmont Ambassador Seoul


The hotel reception hall and penthouse suites have repeatedly appeared in the Korean drama "Upper War", which has proved their luxury status.With the help of the Ambassador Group, all brands of Accor have been introduced to Seoul. It is hoped that in the spring of 2022, the cherry blossom season will be able to enter the country for sightseeing and enjoy the cherry blossoms in Yeouido!

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Fairmont Ambassador Seoul

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul

Fairmont's brand story

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts was founded in 1907. The first hotel was established in San Francisco, California. It subsequently merged with the Canadian Pacific Hotel. In 2016, it was acquired by the French Accor Group.The Korean Ambassador Hotel Group and the French AccorHotels Group have cooperated closely to launch a number of luxury-level co-branded brands in Seoul. The luxury-level Fairmont brand was introduced to Seoul for the first time in 2021.

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Fairmont Hotel Group Identification Mark

AccorHotels is headquartered in Paris, France. AccorHotels and InterContinental are the two largest hotel groups in Europe. They have more than 30 brands, divided into four levels: luxury, high-end, mid-level, and economy. They can also be classified as classic, selected, There are five types of living, vacation and long-term stay. There are more than 4,700 hotels in the world, with a total of more than 70 guest rooms. 5% of the guest rooms are located in Europe and 3% are located in Asia.

AccorHotels logo

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel. Fairmont Ambassador Seoul. 페어몬트앰배서더서울

Seoul Reservation Search and Questions and Answers

Seoul South Korea Hotel Reservation Quick Search

Seoul's newest accommodation recommendation

Seoul Booking Questions and Answers

Seoul's star-rated hotels are clustered in the three areas of Jung-gu, Mapo, and Gangnam. Seoul has dense subway lines, and transportation in each accommodation area is very convenient. In addition, Seoul’s buses are very developed, and many star-rated hotels have bus stops nearby. , The best way to go to and from the airport is to take the airport bus. For detailed introduction, please refer toSeoul Hotel Reservation Guide.

  • Jung-gu: The key tourist area of ​​Seoul that extends from Seoul Station and Myeongdong to Dongdaemun. It is adjacent to the Korean-style Jongno area. It is a must-see area when visiting Seoul for the first time.
  • Mapo District: Centered on the business district of Hongik University, it is close to the business districts of Sinchon and Ewha University, the center of young pop culture, and a gathering place for many gourmet restaurants.
  • Jiangnan District: A shopping destination for high-end shopping malls and underground streets, there are many design brand shops, and there are also many accommodation options with unique design styles.

The newly opened star hotels in Seoul includeFairmont Ambassador Seoul,Gangnam Joseon Palace, SeoulWait. In addition,Mondrian Seoul Itaewon HotelAndAndaz Seoul Gangnam HotelTwo five-star hotels, located opposite each other in the north and south of the Han River, have become the most anticipated accommodation destinations after the epidemic.

The Myeongdong business district is located in the Jung-gu district of Seoul, extending from Seoul Station, Myeongdong to Dongdaemun. It is adjacent to the Korean-style Jongno district. It has convenient transportation and many places to shop and shop. The most suitable for novices is listed as the first choice for accommodation, but the price of accommodation is relatively high. The room space is generally small.

Hongik Business District is located in Mapo-gu, Seoul, close to the university business districts of Sinchon and Ewha University, and is the center of young pop culture. It gathers many gourmet restaurants and offers many boutique design restaurants to choose from. It is very suitable for friends and friends to travel together, shopping and shopping. Accommodation is very convenient.

The Gangnam area of ​​Seoul is a shopping paradise with many high-end shopping malls and underground shopping malls. It has many skyscrapers and designer shops. It is suitable for shopping groups who love fashion boutiques. It provides many accommodations with unique design styles. It is suitable for young people who love fashion and early adopters. .

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